Potty training children

Health RiShooty August 8, 2016 0 0
Housebreak children is not always easy. As a parent you need to be put in enough time and attention, and your child is sure to go than the best. But how and when? In this article are a few tips and tricks.


Housebroken means that your child his or her needs doing on the toilet or in a jar. Potty training is only useful if your child is ready for it, usually around the 2nd year of life. Once your baby is showing interest in the bathroom or tell what happens in the diaper, your baby is probably ready.
Girls are generally slightly earlier housebroken as boys. You ever hear of mothers taking their children after two weeks have been trained, this is not impossible, but rare. Most children still do have a required period of around three months.

Start with a jar

Buy the game with your child, so can choose a tan and is immediately a good time to explain what the potty is for. The jar you first put in the living room just to let your baby get used to that crazy ?? ?? thing. Have your child sit up there first with clothing or late pop down on it. Make it a game and shows that it is fun. After a few days, so to have played the game, try to get out of the diaper. A romper is very awkward, underpants is easier and state care. Just make sure you have one pair in stock in case of accidents ?? ??. Only a shirt and for the rest exposed is also possible. Now stay alert and keep reminding the child that beautiful pot. Place the frequently and repeatedly shows it with the aid of, for example, a doll.
Going to force under any circumstances and do not point to mishaps. Start with only the morning for example, if you keep it fun for all parties. Once your child has done something in the potty is the feast! Let him or her see that you're happy and praise him or her for this achievement. Housebroken regard urinate often quite rapidly, most children defecate find something difficult. Let your child a little longer sit on the potty while you read a story or give your child sit a nice piece of toys during the game. So your child more relaxed and it may be easier great message lost.

The toilet

If your child is quite accustomed to peeing and pooping on the potty, you can now put the jar next to the toilet. Now your child will thus really have to walk to the bathroom to do his or her needs. The next step is then optionally than the toilet with a toilet seat reducer.

Important tips:

  • Never force them to sit on the potty or toilet, it will only backfire.
  • Whenever ?? the ?? again succeeded pleased and respond enthusiastically.
  • Continue to encourage him or her.
  • Not angry with accidents even though it is the 10th time.
  • After each drink cup after meals or even put your child on the pot or toilet.
  • The sticker method also does sometimes help: Whenever your child has done something in the potty or toilet, a sticker and for example 10 stickers a present.
  • If really do not work out your child is probably not ready, waiting for a few months and try it just once.