Potty training in young dogs

Nature theveryend August 8, 2016 0 0
A puppy in the house, there is a lot involved. They are cute but parenting takes a lot of work, time and patience to complete. A lot of people have questions. The first "mission" consists mainly in "potty training" for your dog. Here are some tips that may help you on your way in this task.


Many people who take a dog as a new roommate for the first time are usually many questions about the housebreaking. Wish not think that this will be flawless. It can take weeks to several months before a pup need not do inside. The correct approach is very important.
It has been proven that a puppy has an innate nest cleanliness. Mother holds the nest clean the feces. This happens until the puppy reaches the age of four weeks. From that moment on the puppy will be a need to do start at a different location. The place where he sleeps he dirties not like anymore. It is advised to take your puppy later than twelve weeks after his birth house. A dog is actually already housebroken but he does need doing his potty outside his sleeping place. This can be inside as well as outside. The boss's job is to teach the dog to do this in the appropriate place to him. Encourage the pup for this as much as possible.

How can "accidents" are avoided as quickly as possible?

You can still count for "at least two" weeks to do manage to make your puppy potty trained. Intensively engaged is the message. Do not panic if this has not succeeded after two weeks. Many dogs need a few months to learn their need to do outside.
Remember a few important rules. Take the puppy regularly outside. Especially when he wakes up. Then chances are the greatest thing that he must do his business. Begins the puppy lost walking around the house and begins to sniff then it is advised to take him out. Let him outside after every meal.
Choose a permanent place to let the dog need to do is the first step. Choose a fixed place in the house and add some newspapers. That way, he now finds time a permanent place in the house. This is recommended so that he does not need be anywhere in the house. Go to the ever exhaust it. Stand in the doorway so you can see if he is really doing a pee. It is important during training to keep you in sight. He can not feel let down and do it in a calm way his need. Praise him lavishly when it succeeds. Give him a treat, pat him on his head, talk to him enthusiastically. Alternatively you can also attach commands when you're out and about. In this way, an association will be made.
Accidents will occur more often. Keep in mind that, just like sphincter muscle in infants, a young dog is not fully developed yet. Punish the dog previously never! It is sometimes said to "rub the nose through the puddle." This really makes no sense. On the contrary.

Through the night?

As mentioned, a puppy has no control yet because the sphincter Is not yet fully developed. Do not expect it all night can stop everything. Let your pup out once before you go to sleep himself. Rise in the morning if possible something earlier. If you can not already seven hours to stop then allow the first weeks around an hour or two at night just to let him out. Gradually you can move between the time until he gets through the night dry.
It is possible to leave the dog in the bedroom sleep but there is a danger in the fact that nowhere else, he will want to sleep more in the course of time. For many people this is not the intention. A separate room is therefore appropriate. Give the puppy if a toy or a cloth with the smell of the litter of his former home. This will give him a sense of security.