Pregnancy & health

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You want to try to get pregnant! Important is that you are well prepared for the pregnancy, both the man and the woman. This increases the likelihood of conception, but also on normal, healthy sperm and ova good. Finally, this fruit also protects against defects during the first crucial weeks after conception. For most couples, it takes about six months before conception, in other words fertilization succeeds. However, this can also take much longer, depending on several factors. Two-thirds of the couples who remain childless, it is usually the woman. In 1/3 of the cases this is due to the man. For both partners, the health is therefore very important with regard to the desire to have children.

Smoking and Pregnancy

Women who smoke have an increased risk of infertility and do on average longer to get pregnant. In addition, they often have a miscarriage or bleeding during pregnancy. When both parents smoke, the risk of low birth weight babies certainly present.

Drugs and pregnancy

If the woman does not just smoke but drink during pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is four times larger than normal! Alcohol also damages the sperm, reducing the chance of conception. The use of drugs during pregnancy results in serious problems for the child include language skills, reading skills, impulse control and visual attention tasks.
The impact of smoking and drinking during pregnancy is highest in early pregnancy, when the cell division takes place fastest. It is therefore recommended strongly to stop smoking and drinking when trying to conceive. When you got pregnant unplanned, discontinue any smoking and drinking than when you know you are pregnant.

Coffee and tea

Tea and coffee have the ability to extract moisture from the body. Drink this for this reason as possible. Coffee and tea also shirk important, valuable minerals to the body.


Unfortunately, everyone in everyday life regularly with harmful inter and toxins in touch. Especially for pregnant women, this is a dangerous thing. Just think of the 4.5-liter pesticides that are sprayed on the average vegetable and fruit.
Lead can damage sperm and eggs. It affects the mobility and sperm count. Lead multiplies when the body has a shortage of calcium, manganese or iron. Vitamin C has a positive influence on lead, namely lead it removes.
Pesticides and mercury from fillings in the teeth reduces libido and will eventually lead to impotence.
Aluminium, which among other things in pots, deodorant, aluminum foil and various pesticides is eventually caused a shortage of minerals and destroys valuable minerals.

Essential nutrients for men and women