Pregnant and abdominal pain

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Pregnant and abdominal pain is no fun. Often do you terrified that something is wrong with the baby. Fortunately, this need not always be the case. Miscarriage affects 1 in 10 pregnancies. Blood loss is in almost half of pregnant women. Abdominal pain and blood loss together is less common. In addition, abdominal pain can also be a sign of an infection or band pain.

Abdominal pain is not always a miscarriage

The fear of a miscarriage is understandable but not always necessary. 10 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. After 12 weeks of pregnancy ends only 3 percent in miscarriage. From 16 weeks of pregnancy, the chance is very small. Still, abdominal pain or signify a miscarriage or premature birth. But how do you recognize this? A miscarriage usually begins with blood loss: pink discharge or bright red blood. This bleeding can be more and more but also intermediate stop. Sometimes a miscarriage is announced by some blood loss, then nothing for two days and then some blood loss. Unfortunately no miscarriage is the same, so it is often difficult to determine whether the blood loss also means a miscarriage. Put the miscarriage by then there will be abdominal pain. This begins as a mild menstrual cramps but will become increasingly fierce. The abdominal pain remains just continue as long until everything is removed from the uterus. Will you keep abdominal pain and loss of blood, then go along the midwife.

The intestines cause pain in the abdomen

Especially in early pregnancy can suffer from your intestines. The hormones produced shall ensure that the gut what 'lazy' be they work less efficiently. This creates a blockage with abdominal pain. Another reason for abdominal pain is the growing uterus pushes the intestines aside. This can cause a sometimes stabbing pain. Often feel just a short fierce sting, sometimes a nagging feeling. You feel bloated often, especially at the beginning and towards the end of pregnancy.


Do you have abdominal pain during or after urination? The risk of cystitis is definitely present. In addition to abdominal pain, you can also have a burning sensation. Sometimes the pain radiates to the back or is merely in the back palpable. Pregnant women have an increased risk of getting cystitis. This should definitely be treated. When a bladder infection is not treated there is a chance that the bacteria a way towards the top jobs, where they cause inflammation again. Also, the chance of the development of kidney stones and bladder stones is increased. This gives a very severe colicky pain when the stones get stuck or slide by a urinary tract. By drinking plenty of water, the bladder being flushed so that a large portion of the bacteria is discarded. In addition, a course of antibiotics are prescribed, which kills the bacteria. Make this perfect cure, even if the symptoms have disappeared.

Abdominal pain and nausea

When you are sick and have stomach pain may involve a stomach flu which is an infection with a bacteria or virus. Here you can feel pretty lousy, have nausea and vomiting. There may also occur diarrhea. But sometimes you just feel abdominal pain and nausea. A stomach flu will pass. Drink sufficiently in vomiting or diarrhea. The risk of dehydration is always present and is dangerous during pregnancy.
In early pregnancy are abdominal pain and nausea among the more than fifty pregnancy symptoms that can occur. Nausea caused by pregnancy hormones and usually disappear after the 12th week. Abdominal pain can be a form of band pain or pain that is caused by the growth of the uterus.
After dinner you can also have some abdominal pain and sometimes nausea. Especially towards the end of pregnancy, this is more common. The growing uterus pushes the stomach aside and reduces gastric contents. This makes it often difficult to even eat large portions of food. Do you eat so much, you get abdominal pain, bloating and can be sick. Distribute the food rather several smaller portions throughout the day. This also prevents heartburn. Heartburn is felt as a painful or burning sensation in the throat ie esophagus. Sometimes a little heartburn is running in the oral cavity. You can be sick here. Heartburn is caused by a muscle paralysis of the stomach valve that closes off the esophagus. Because of the hormones, this valve is no longer as effective and there is easily flowing back a small amount of gastric acid in the esophagus. Avoid eating spicy foods, soft drinks and fruit drinks, chocolate and sweets. This causes faster heartburn. Do you still experience this, then drink milk. You'll be more on these complaints. I have a stomach ache by insemination.