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There is now much to do about the so-called "profiteering policies" of several companies. These societies collect far too much expense and at the expense of your deposit. Result: in 30 years, you have not accumulated the required amount and will you sit with a hefty residual debt on your mortgage. The endowment mortgage appears to be a "safer" alternative, but here are costs involved. So why do not you set your own mortgage investors? Which leaves costs low.

Capacity building in your mortgage

If you take out a mortgage, you will often be faced with some form of capacity building in order later to pay off the mortgage. This can be done by saving or investing. In short though, the forms:
When you save an endowment mortgage amount precisely what yields after a certain period of time that you have agreed in advance. You get the deposit is usually the same interest as you pay too. Currently this means that you can receive approximately 5.5% interest rate. On the spaarhypptheek often linked life insurance that pays a sum to die earlier than the end date of your savings policy.

Mortgage life

The lifetime mortgage is nothing more than an interest-only mortgage linked to a life insurance policy. This insurance can pay for survival to maturity or earlier death. Usually this type of mortgage is linked to investments, but also variants with a fixed fee, while a "profit sharing" of society occurs.

Investors Mortgage

Investors Mortgage in its purest form is a mortgage that consists of an interest-only mortgage and an associated investment account. A life insurance policy is not involved. Any death benefit must therefore be closed by a separate term life insurance.

Why pay off?

The question is: why would you actually have accrued capital when you hear how much money goes to companies. For this to devise a number of reasons:
  • it is mandated by the mortgage lender;
  • it provides financial security for any survivors;
  • as later addition to your pension;
  • to pay off the mortgage and create as lower monthly payments.

So there are enough reasons to opt for a form of building up capital. However, please ensure that you have the cost as low as possible. It would be a shame if you pay a lot of unnecessary costs. But how do you do it?

This saves you money!

Because the mortgage lender often requires you to reimburse the portion above the liquidation value of the home or builds up, you will not avoid in such cases to take out a mortgage investors, mortgage life or endowment mortgage. You can also opt for a linear mortgage or an annuity, but it is usually much more expensive.
If you want to build up more capital, do so through a private investment account. This trading account you can then periodically depositing with some funds. The cost of this variant are much cheaper than if you do it via an investment company. Know much about investing, you do not have to, because the fund from which you can choose the mortgage funds are generally the same from where you can choose yourself. It's often the most mixed funds which are advised.
Obviously there are also associated with an independent investment costs, but these are, as mentioned earlier, lower and above all organized. Because each product has its simplified prospectus. Moreover, it is often a voluntary accumulation of assets. So you can decide at any time for yourself what you want to do with the money, something that is more difficult with a pledged investment account.

No tax benefit?

If you choose to invest themselves, it means that you can not use the tax benefits, for example, offers savings policy you have. You should therefore enter the capital at your income tax under "Save and invest" in Box 3. The savings policy usually falls into one box, so you pay no tax if the value exceeds the tax-free threshold for power. You are, however, subject to certain rules if you choose for box 1. And so the famous saying of the country's greatest footballer yet again around the corner "every advantage has its disadvantage."


By itself invest and save, you can save a lot of expenses. The so-called "profiteering policies" have shown that it is not always the best way to build capacity through a company to repay the mortgage. The inlay is evaporated to a large extent by the costs which will be charged. Moreover, these costs are not as transparent as they should be. So for investors consider you a policy if you seal it this actually want and go at least figure out what possibilities there are to set their own investors Your mortgage together.

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