Private rental - Advantages and Disadvantages

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A private rental or second home is the dream of many people. That little take the step has to do with the many disadvantages that are associated with a second home or a private holiday home. Yet most disadvantages and costs can be avoided by recourse to a mediation organization or intermediary.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a second home or a private holiday

Benefits of a second home or vacation
A holiday abroad has many advantages and is therefore particularly attractive:
  • You can regularly go there
  • You become familiar with the property and you enjoy the feeling of home
  • You can make use of not only now but also later when you have more time, for example if you are retired
  • Your family and friends can share in this second home
  • The second house as a holiday home can be an attractive source of income
  • The holiday is undoubtedly an investment on which you can trust

Disadvantages of a second home or vacation
Research has shown that many people are only too happy to own a second home or a private holiday home. That this dream is a reality, has several causes:
  • It is thought to make insufficient use of
  • They let themselves be put off by high maintenance
  • They let themselves be put off by high insurance
  • Rent the second home as a holiday is accompanied by a paper tape

Broker or intermediary organization

Recruiting a broker or an intermediary organization is one of the best ways to avoid the disadvantages of a second home or a private holiday home. Additional costs, including for the maintenance of the house and the insurance, so you can avoid and also the administration is taken in hand by the broker or intermediary organization.
"Many people who want a second home or a private holiday, are not familiar with what can a mediation organization," says Helen Wassing, director of Belvilla. Belvilla is a member of the Group, market leader in the Benelux and one of the biggest players and intermediaries on the European market for holiday homes. The organization existed for thirty years and is responsible for half a million guests each year stay in one of the 20,000 holiday homes scattered throughout Europe. "A mortgage broker can take away a lot of concerns. A second house to rent regularly you can cover the major costs. The dream of the second house anyway comes closer right away if you know the administrative follow-up is taken over by someone else."
An intermediary organization can calculate the return of second homes whose owners are considering to rent out as a holiday home. It is a projection based on a thorough knowledge of the rental market, because most brokerage organizations are annually for years and settle for half a million guests staying in several European countries. In addition to security of payment and a flexible rental formula, the homeowner gets to a number of intermediary organizations access to a personal Web page. It is a secure page with all the info about the house like the booking and payment statements, including any personal reservations of the owner. The agent controls the entire reservation procedure, ie the global promotion, booking and payment.