Problems Digestion or Mal Stomach? Try Essential Oils

Health dukehuge August 8, 2016 0 0

One of the essential oils is a complex and varied world, which most people do not even know existed. These natural extracts can be found easily in the best health food stores and used in the do-it-yourself replacing many traditional medicines.

That nature has provided us with many valuable remedies to take care of ourselves and our health is a fact. Modern scientific discoveries have shown that over time many of the healing properties that were previously attributed to the plants were a reality. For this reason, even today, many people choose to treat themselves with natural remedies, particularly with regard to small everyday ailments and ills of the season.

Let's see how to use essential oils for the treatment of symptoms related to poor digestion, the stomach pain and disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract. We are talking about the essential oil of fennel and essential oil of cloves. E 'was shown that both of these products have an action entirely similar to that of medications so called NSAIDs, so common in our medicine cabinets.

Essential oil of fennel

We all know the fennel: it is a tasty vegetable that can be used to prepare delicious dishes and salads. Many of you do not know, however, that anethole, the active ingredient found in fennel, making it a real natural medication. Its essential oil can be used as anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antimucolitico: an excellent solution against seasonal ailments typical of winter. If you suffer, however, from digestive problems, bloating, stomach pain and so on, get the fennel seeds and use them to prepare for the detox teas, combining the action of massage with the essential oil of fennel.

Essential oil of cloves

Cloves are an ingredient used to flavor many different dishes. Eating cloves is healthy, because the substances they contain are an excellent natural remedy against nausea, stomach pain, indigestion and flatulence. Similarly the essential oil of cloves has extraordinary anti-inflammatory and analgesic. As well as against the stomach, the essential oil of clove is ideal against toothaches and exhaustion.

Note: remember that essential oils should not be ingested, but are for outdoor use.