Problems with the CD and DVD burner

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Everyone who uses it regularly has ever experienced. A CD or DVD burner that does not want to pick up a CD. It will be a greasy or dirty disc. But a CD that was obviously dirty gets caught! Below are some problems and solutions.

Can not cd ?? s more fires

The problem:
The burning program will display the message ?? tracking or focus error ??. The process is terminated and the disc can turn the trash into. What can I do?
The solution:
First, you should try to find out where the problem lies, with the burning program or elsewhere. You can try the best to another burning program. Burn4Free is free. If the problem persists, it may be that your disks are damaged. The message would say that the fact of the burner lens can not concentrate or focus. This may therefore be due to damage.

Use the space up

The problem:
You want to burn an audio CD, but it is indicated that the maximum number of minutes is exceeded. What can I do?
The solution:
It is possible to have a normal disk with a capacity of 74-minute stretch. This is sometimes called Overburning. This is not without risk and not available on all burners. The fire program also fills in the last 90 seconds of silence space and extra space. Often not the burning program gives this space, so you'll have to try that everything fits on the disc. About Burning you can activate with the burning program Nero in the following way:
  • You click on , and .
  • Put a checkmark and on.
  • When the tab choose for a method of "Disc-at-once>.

Sense and nonsense of cleaning disks

The problem:
You have tried cleaning CD to clean the lens of the burner. Now it looks like the problems have become even worse. How is this possible?
The solution:
Cleaning Discs are sold everywhere recommended, but you better stay far away. They do more harm than good. Because the brushes that sit on the cleaning CD to quickly go over the lens, so the lens is damaged. Is not the lens itself the scratching, the lens coating is going off it.

Power calibration error

The problem:
You get the error message "Power Calibration Error". Even if you tried different discs you continue to get the message.
With the same burner and discs I manage on another PC. What can I do?
The solution:
Because it does work on another PC, it is not on the hardware. It may be because when you get this message that the burner is about to fail. But in this case, it is likely to be a software problem. It may be that your disc burning program conflicts with built-in burner software windows. To fix this you need to do the following:
  • Click , , and .
  • At the window where all services are you going to . Double-click it and click the dropdown on choose thereby to .
  • Then click , and then press . Now you have to start the fire program.

  • The burner is getting slower

    The problem:
    You do not know how it happens, but the burner is getting slower. Used to do for 10 minutes on a CD, now half an hour.
    The solution:
    Because of the high temperatures stations can be quite sensitive to interference honor. By ejecting and continuous loading of discs, they are very vulnerable. It is therefore important that you have the proper maintenance stations. Here are some tips for that:
  • When there is no hurry to fire or not at maximum speed. Often slower burn will give a better result.
  • Make sure the outside of the burner from dust. Similarly, there is less dirt on discs.
  • Make sure the burner is fitted with the latest firmware. Which ensures that small problems are solved in the hardware and adds additional features to your burner.
  • Some DVD players can not read and recognize a burned disc. For this you must change the settings of your burning software. So any DVD player recognizes the disc as a DVD-ROM. When you do this with Nero Drive Speed. Proceed as follows: Click and . Set here the "Book Type" to
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