Prof. Eledjam, new president of the French Red Cross: "Doing what others do not do"

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Prof. Eledjam, new president of the French Red Cross:

Professor Jean-Jacques Eledjam was elected president of the French Red Cross on 22 June, for four years. Recall that this association, consisting of 53,000 volunteers, conducts solidarity actions throughout the country through a strong field network.

Health Magazine: "Professor, until last year you led the host department and emergency Samu CHRU of Montpellier. What this experience you she will serve for your new responsibilities? "

Pr Jean-Jacques Eledjam: "There are many similarities between the emergency department of a university hospital and the French Red Cross. In both cases, it is to take charge of emergencies of any kind, to take account of psychological difficulties, to go on a field and to be confronted with insecurity. "

"You say you look" as among the volunteers. " Will you increase the number of volunteers? What would you tell them? "

"You have to know that there is no problem of volunteers in the Red Cross. Volunteers are very invested, very involved, and the fact is that a volunteer from the Red Cross remains committed longer than in another association. The question is to know that offering in return to these volunteers for their commitment to be more rewarding. I think, for example, a system that would allow them to validate their training, or would only experience can be regarded as a professional learning. It's also a way to value the important place they hold in society. "

"You also said that in this very deep crisis in the country, the mission of the Red Cross would meet the needs of the most vulnerable. These fragile, who are they? "

"It is primarily the new faces of poverty, these people who suddenly find themselves in great economic hardship but not only. It is also about social precariousness, isolation, loss of independence ... The most fragile, it is the elderly. They are also all those left behind, those invisible people not necessarily supported by other associations or public authorities. As you know, the associations are often quite specialized. They take care of this type of population in such a place. But some people spend "between the cracks" and do not fit into any box. The Red Cross also aims to do what the others do not, to be concerned with all forms of precariousness. "

Photo Credit portrait: Yann Le Borgne.