Profielwerkstuk: Tips to get a good companion

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As a student of 6vwo 5havo whether it is mandatory to create a profile. The making of this workpiece begins with selecting a suitable subject. But if you have a topic, it is quite perfect if your tutor is the teacher of your choice. This is discussed in two parts, where a good mentor meets and how you will be assigned to a supervisor. Choosing a good companion makes creating a profile even easier!

How is it organized?

There are several ways to arrive at an attendant, which is mainly due to how the school has settled.
  • The school gives you a coach who can also be of another profession.
  • The school will give you a companion of all teachers who teach that subject to the superstructure.
  • You can find your favorite accompanist itself, it can prevent you from getting another companion than your first choice.
  • You choose your supervisor.

  •  1. If the school does it.

    If the school arranges have less influence on the choice of your mentor as you may choose. You can always try to start a conversation with your supervisor that you will have the sweetest, as the supervisors namely able to choose which students they supervise it can always work to your advantage if your supervisor know what topic you have chosen. Another tip to get a teacher from your field, because it is always better to have a physics teacher than an economics teacher if you want to make your profile work in physics. Therefore it is advisable to choose a topic that you really need a mentor who know something. In your subject you should therefore try to show clearly to what subject it belongs to. If you choose the topic Sound and want a physics teacher, then it would be wiser to change your subject to vibrations. Namely sound can also store music, something you can research on multiple subjects, vibration is something that belongs to physics.

     2. If you are assigned to a box.

    If the school provides that you will be assigned to a job, you have the advantage that you are in any case already in the box of your choice and the attendant what knows about the subject. At larger schools, there are often several teachers per subject for the superstructure, then there is more chance that you will come to another supervisor than your favorite. To avoid this, you can take into account a number of things. It is wise to begin to see which teachers can be your supervisor. Often this is your teacher, and several others. If you want to your teacher, it is an advantage, often the case that teachers are assigned to the students they teach themselves. However, if you are with another teacher? Then go have a chat with your prospective supervisor in which you and your subject is clearly indicating that you would want the teacher as a facilitator. If the teachers can choose, in so doing, the likelihood that they choose you.

    3. Your first choice show.

    If you're lucky, there's a chance you can identify the teacher is your supervisor. Often this has to be a teacher who teaches in the box of your profile paper. It sits on the school how you get to your first choice, often it will go through cover letters. By making a good cover letter make you more likely, if you're less likely if a lot of students want the same supervisor. It is wise to watch what others do and right to apply to another teacher for a place for your profile. This increases the chances that you end with the teacher of your first choice. If you are not placed with your favorite companion, there is a second round or whether there is a teacher in that field assigned as supervisor. Please note that if a second round is to come to a supervisor, there are far fewer counselors can guide someone.

    4. 100% sure on your favorite companion.

    If you're lucky, it might be that everyone chooses a supervisor and you always get the attendant that you want. If your school uses this technique, you can assume that the teacher you choose will be your supervisor. It is therefore smart to really see if the supervisor you choose the perfect companion is because you have chosen this companion, which is difficult to change.

    But what is the perfect companion?

    If you choose choose a companion and you can yourself, it is wise to choose a coach where you make a difference. You have nothing because of a nice teacher who says with every deadline that it is good and at the end of much criticism, whereas before everything was always good. A teacher who has no problems sticking to the subject combination is not smart to choose, because you want to be sure get a good grade and therefore you sometimes need the help of your supervisor.
    Therefore, a number of points that should be on letter when choosing a counselor.
    • Your favorite teacher. It is always hard to judge someone who likes his qualities. Your favorite teacher can namely be very nice, but that does not mean he is a good coach.
    • The supervisor of the institution. Your supervisor should also be enthusiastic about the topic and your profile project, otherwise he will nevertheless pay less attention to what works in your disadvantage. So choose a teacher who is enthusiastic about your topic / subject.
    • See if you can arrange things properly with your teacher. You need to control many namely when it comes to doing experiments and conduct surveys. It is useful if your teacher thinks with you and help you arrange them by example to look up the equipment for the experiment.
    • See if the teacher much to be found in school. Because you will also sometimes need to have a talk with your supervisor about the progress your profile assignment or for an explanation. It is handy if your teacher too is found at school and you see him not only in the required hours.
    • Make sure you know where you stand. So make sure that your supervisor is clear on the subject, because it is not nice when you have first created a whole cluster projects, and it is ultimately not good enough, while your teacher all the time said that it was good.
    • Make sure you know whether you will have to do a lot of self or just get a lot of help from your supervisor, you do not come up against surprises if you prefer to just get help when you have to do everything yourself. You can just with your future supervisor just ask how independent he let students work on the profile paper.
    • Finally, inquire with students who are a year later, who know exactly which best companion you can sit!

    Once you have a suitable topic and you have been assigned a good coach, you can begin to create your profile paper!