Prolonged tired, fatigue, which could be the cause?

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Do you eat affects your energy stores itself in little, causing the fatigue increases. This is a logical result if you take little to no nutrition. However, it can happen that you eat enough, however, are continuously chronically fatigued. In that case it is caused by a physical or mental condition. What can be the cause of chronic fatigue and what can be done?

Prolonged tired, fatigue

  • Symptoms
  • Overweight
  • Anemia
  • Menstruation and fibroids
  • Abnormal thyroid function or diabetes
  • Serotonin and manic depressive
  • Too many metals and acids
  • An intestinal disorder
  • A parasite in your body


You wake up and you feel like you have not slept. It means that you are lethargic and have little energy to get going. It ensures that you have a bad start, so that you could come back with difficulty by the day. It requires a lot of energy from you, making you more tired. What are the conditions, which makes you long tired?


Excess weight causes that aromatase is created, which are then estrogen is produced. It is the basis of storing more fat in known places such as the abdomen, thighs and legs. It maintains a negative spiral in which the body has become accustomed to a certain amount of food. Often then taken unhealthy food. This balance ensures that you arrive. The proportion of muscle decreases, while it increases weight. You come hard and going to eat a lot to get a good feeling. It can lead to negative thoughts, such as in a depression.


People with anemia supply the body sufficiently good blood. It means that there will be created too few red blood cells, causing insufficient oxygen can be transported through the body. All parts of the body should receive oxygen-rich blood to function optimally. Is this function in any way disturbed hit than take the tired. It is important to eat lots of green vegetables or mineral supplements combined with enough vitamin B11, and B12.

Menstruation and fibroids

Each month the woman's menstruation started, so that the uterine lining is replaced. However, it may occur that grow in the woman fibroids on the uterine wall. It is caused by a continuous high level of estrogen and it may be of a few millimeters up to many centimeters in terms of its size. These myomas can result in a large size to excessive bleeding during the period, but also give serious pains. Moreover, it can cause miscarriage in pregnancy. The frequent menstruation especially in combination with anemia leads to a weakened body.

Abnormal thyroid function or diabetes

The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of three hormones. On the one hand there is the T3 and T4 hormone, which allows the metabolism is activated. In other words, it is responsible for how efficiently energy is being spent wisely and whether it is stored. An underactive thyroid can lead to having enough energy, so you're exhausted quickly. In addition, it is typical that you arrive. On the other hand calcitonin created for the production of bone. Also, diabetes can cause fatigue, due to insufficient insulin production provides a limited amount of sugar to the body.

Serotonin and manic depressive

The serotonin makes for body satisfaction and is also responsible for mood, pleasure in sexual intercourse or food. The counterpart of this are anxiety, stress and workload, with many of this body substance is consumed. As a result, the satisfaction decreases, causing an adverse situation can arise. You become increasingly negative and requires too much stress on the body. It can lead to manic depression. Individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder are predisposed to and thus become quicker off the rails. Think of a stress-related burnout. To be confident, you have to get out of the negative spiral by being positive and serotonin to take stimulants. Remember the intake of tryptophan supplements as base material for serotonin production.

Too many metals and acids

Dietary we have unexpectedly much metal in which the body does nothing. Multiple metals can not be discharged in a natural manner, so that it is stored in the body. Because it may happen, in high concentrations in the organs the operation of that organ is affected. It can give rise to several unexplained illnesses such as chronic fatigue and pains or cramps. Related to this is also an acidic body. Aches and pains and cramps may occur due to the influence of lactic acid with uric acid in muscles and joints. This is constructed by stress, but also by a descending natriumbicarbonaatgehalte with increasing age. Ie to take ailments increase with age. To drain metals and acids can conveniently make use of tea. Drink nettle or birch leaf tea in order to carry off unwanted elements from the body.

An intestinal disorder

How much food the body can absorb really depends on how responsive the intestines. Have you become drained after eating regular bowel pain or it seems like the fast food through the intestines then you have a food allergy. This may involve, for example, cow's milk or gluten allergy. It can cause severe pain, where alongside the body absorbs enough energy. Ie the food leaves the body in a natural way, without having been fed enough. Also think of Crohn's disease.

A parasite in your body

Preparation of food is very important to avoid certain viruses, bacteria or other undesirable influences. Spoiled food or undercooked food may contain eggs, which are developed in the intestines. The parasite can then develop in the colon to worms. While you eat enough you will get enough energy within, because the worms recording. It may relate to an explosive growth of the parasite, thus all the energy of food is withdrawn. Note that the worms can also end up in other parts of the body. Think of the brains, heart but also in the eyes. In addition, there also may be the case of an uncontrolled growth of unicellular organisms in the intestines, such as in the Dientamoeba fragilis infection. You get less energy from food, where in addition you get extra weakened by diarrhea.
Are you serious persistently tired than it may be due to many diseases. Besides above, the potential may also be cancer. So do studies to make sure that it is not malignant. Based on your symptoms a treatment course can be set up, so you get progressively more energy. If you have unexplained illnesses which doctors can not answer, then get yourself examined by a naturopath.