Prostate cancer also has been associated with being overweight

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Men who are overweight have a greater risk of advanced prostate cancer, including aggressive forms of the disease which may be fatal. According to a report the World Cancer Research Fund.

Associated with being overweight

Advanced prostate cancer is added to the growing list of cancers that are known to have a correlation with obesity. Scientists have for the first time, strong evidence for this correlation was found during large-scale analyzes of results of research into nutrition, weight, exercise and prostate cancer.

How common is prostate cancer for?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the Netherlands. According to figures from the Dutch Cancer are at almost 11,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer identified in 2013, about 30 percent more than 10 years earlier. The increase in the number of registered new cases may be partly explained by screening with PSA values ​​measured. Lifestyle factors, however, also play an important role in the increase in the number of cases. Researchers estimate that about 10 percent of the cases of advanced prostate cancer can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight.


The importance of the prevention of obesity for the prevention of cancer is becoming increasingly apparent. The latest figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics on the degree of obesity in the Netherlands are alarming: 52.9 percent of men aged 20 years or older are overweight. Of men between 65 and 75 years, even 66.3 percent overweight.

Role of height

The new report also shows that there is strong evidence of a link between height in adulthood and prostate cancer. The more a man has, the higher his risk of prostate cancer. Body length per se is probably not a direct cause of the disease. Body length reflects certain growth patterns early in life. Play our diet, lifestyle, environment, genes and hormones all play a role. More research into the link between height and cancer is a high priority in the research programs of the World Cancer Research Fund, especially since Dutch are the tallest people in the world.


Previous research concluded that certain choices in food are associated with getting prostate cancer. Thus it was known, inter alia that a diet rich in calcium would increase the risk of prostate cancer, and foods with lycopene would reduce that risk. Since then, there is much more research into prostate cancer in which better distinguish between the different forms of the disease. This had the consequence that related to obesity became clearer. The relationship with food on the other hand less clear than before so that the scientific evidence is becoming more limited.

One of the main recommendations of the World Cancer Research Fund to a lower risk of cancer is to achieve a healthy weight and / or maintain. More information online BMI calculator and tips for measuring waist circumference can be found at