Putumayo Kids: world music for children

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Putumayo Kids is a sub-label of the big record label Putumayo World Music. These CDs of world music made specifically for children. The music ranges from Sesame Street songs from every country to jazz for children. Putumayo Kids is music to be cheerful and the collection is called literal world.

CD collection for kids

For those looking for fun music for the children and the offspring will be also acquainted with different cultures and music from other countries, the CD collection from Putumayo Kids really a must. It's happy music where many children are mobile or just relaxed. Putumayo Kids will entertain children with CD, make an educational contribution and inspire the children. The music ranges from Danish songs, Sesame Street in Afrikaans to jazz from around the world.

Playground and dreamland

The CD collection from Putumayo Kids consists of two streams: the Playground Collection and the Dreamland Collection. The CDs in the Playground series have an upbeat tempo and put the children to exercise, play and dance. The Dreamland Collection has softer melodies and the songs generally have just a relaxing effect on children. Some titles in the collection:
  • Sesame Street playground
  • Hawaiian playground
  • Animal playground
  • Jazz playground
  • Rock & roll playground
  • African Dreamland
  • Celtic Dreamland
  • Asian Dreamland

Videos and sound clips on the website

 On the website of Putumayo World Music, you can click the subcategory Kids. Here you come to a list of all CDs. All the sound clips of the CD can be listened to via the website. The site also features all kinds of films for children. For example, on the album Animal Playground a movie with a song about monkeys. In the short film can be seen both real monkeys as cartoon figures. Especially the movies under the CD Sesame Street playground are very popular with children.

Part of the proceeds go to children's charities

Putumayo World Music pours from every CD sold a portion of the proceeds to charity. Also, the proceeds from Putumayo Kids is a percentage to charity. These are generally charities that represent the interests of children. In the booklet of the CD states exactly what charity is supported. For instance, made a financial contribution to the organization EFSC by selling the CD World Playground.

Awards for Kids Collection

The Putumayo Kids CDs have won several awards. They are mostly American 'awards' such as the Parents Choice Award, ALA / ALSC Notable Recordings for Children Award and Teacher's Pick for Scholastic's Instructor Magazine. In total, the some 35 awards over the last seven years. All awards are published on the website of Putumayo World Music.

Putumayo Kids: also educational purpose

The sub-label Putumayo Kids makes the music especially for children, and should also have an educational goal: the record label is convinced that it is good for children to learn as early as possible with other cultures. They do this through music but also through other educational materials that can be downloaded from the website. The popular CDs are nice gadgets with upbeat or relaxing music for children. The folkloric drawings on the front of the CD speak to many children. They are made by Nicola Heindl.

Price and verkoopunten

The prices of the CDs of the kids collection Putumayo range from 11.95 to 15.95. The CDs are available at various Internet companies or local outlets such as Free Record Shop. The CD Animals Playground is also available at some zoos. The wereldwinkel sometimes offers CDs from the kids collection. The CDs are also regularly sold in various bookstores.

About Putumayo World Music Putumayo & kids

Putumayo World Music is a record label founded in 1993 by Dan Storper. The group has sold in 2010 for over 15 million CDs. The record label has a mission: it will encourage people to come into contact with other cultures. With part of the proceeds from the CDs are supported worldwide charities. The musicians on the CD are from all countries, some unknown, others locally or even nationally known. Putumayo World Music has subsequently sub-label Putumayo Kids developed and thus supporting charity organizations for children. In March 2010 Putumayo Kids has held a real tour to promote the appearance of the album Jazz Playground.