Queen's Day April 30 King's Day on April 27

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The last official Queen's Day is celebrated in 2012 in Rhenen and Veenendaal. In 2013, the Queen still be celebrated, but in a modified form. Queen 2013 namely whole was marked by the inauguration of Prince Willem-Alexander. From 2014 Queen will disappear and we celebrate King's Day in the Netherlands. King's Day will be celebrated on April 27, the birthday of Prince Willem-Alexander. Since April 27, 2014 falls on a Sunday, the first King's Day is celebrated on Saturday, April 26th, 2014.

Queen's Day on April 30

Queen's Day is one of the official national holidays in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands and in Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Aruba is celebrated since 1949 on April 30th Queen's Day. If April 30 falls on a Sunday was moved Queen. For 1980, the celebrations were then held on May 1st. From 1980 it was decided to celebrate Queen's Day on April 29, when April 30 fell on a Sunday.
August 31
For 1949 Queen's Birthday was celebrated on August 31, the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina. This changed to April 30 when Queen Juliana took over the throne. When Queen Beatrix in 1980 took over the throne of Queen Juliana, Queen Beatrix decided to keep the day in honor as a tribute to her mother. In addition, had the celebration of Queen's Day on April 30 instead of January 31 a big practical advantage. The chance of good weather, with many outdoor activities can be organized on April 30 significantly greater than in January 31.
Before the first official Queen's Day was celebrated was on August 31, 1885 the first ?? Prinsessendag ?? organized the fifth anniversary of the then young Princess Wilhelmina. Since 1980 the Queen was celebrated, which was initially a big children.

Queen 2013

Initially the royal family in 2013 during Queen would visit the municipalities Amstelveen and Graft. However found a passage through the abdication of Queen Beatrix and the investiture of Prince Willem-Alexander has this visit in 2013.

King's Day 2014

The first King's Day will be celebrated in 2014 and will be held on Saturday April 26th. This is because April 27, 2014 falls on a Sunday. The Royal Family will celebrate the first edition of King's in Amstelveen and the Rime. The princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane will not be present.

Queen returns

Looking at the line of heirs to the throne, it is very likely that we after King Willem-Alexander will do to get away from the Queen's throne again. The first in the line of succession is -Amalia Catherine, the eldest daughter of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima.
Line of heirs to the throne