Quickstep, the most performed dance!

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For years, the Quickstep is the most performed dance in the world. Especially at weddings, the dance is doing very well! But how exactly should now be your attitude in this dance? And how were now fit again? And what songs you can dance the quickstep? The Quickstep itself is not very difficult to learn. There are differences in the fit between husband and wife.

The Quickstep

The Quickstep is a so-called ballroom dancing. The Quickstep is danced in a quadruple. It is the most popular dance at weddings, and other occasions. Furthermore, this dance when you first learned when you join a dance school. Anyway you can make the Quickstep as difficult as you want.
Originally, the Quickstep is an English dance. The Quickstep the successor of the Slow Foxtrot. Much earlier gave you this dance called QuickTime Foxtrot ?? ??. This is because the music is danced this dance was much too quickly played to dance to the Slow Foxtrot. So ultimately emerge the Quickstep. From the year 1927 the Quickstep has officially become a self-standing dance.

Attitude in this dance

If your lady loves being with this dance your head to the left and slightly upward. For Mr same applies. The lady looks the room and, while Mr looks towards the wall. Mr. serves his right hand on the back of the lady places, approximately at the height of her left shoulder blade. His left hand holds the height of the ear, slightly bent. Thus he also holds the lady. The lady has her right hand on the left hand of the lord. The woman's fingers should align themselves then around the hand of the man. The left hand of the lady resting on the arm of the Lord.

How does this dance?

Base Quickstep is as follows: step-by-side close side-by-step-side-seal-side-step. Which way these steps is for the men and women differently.
The fit of the man
  • Right one step forward
  • Left one step aside
  • Then connect with the right
  • and again left with one step aside.
  • Then the man with the right causes one step backward
  • Left one step aside
  • Then connect with the right
  • And again left with one step aside

The fit of the woman
  • With links one step backward
  • Right 1st step aside
  • Then connect with left
  • Then left with one step forward, so that you end up between the feet of the lord
  • With links one step backward
  • Right 1st step aside
  • Then connect with left
  • And with right first step aside

Music for the Quickstep

The Quickstep is danced to cheerful, fast and lively songs. The numbers are typically between 50 and 52 beats per minute. Numbers that are very suitable for the Quickstep include:
  • Olivia Newton John ?? ?? You're The One That I Want
  • Katrina & The Waves ?? Walking on sunshine
  • Lily Allen ?? Smile
  • Dolly Parton ?? Nine to five
  • The pointer sisters ?? I'm so exited ??
  • Vaya con Dios ?? Nah Neh Nah
  • Caro Emerald ?? Back it up
  • Amy McDonald - This Is The Life
  • Dolly Dots ?? Love me just a little bit more
  • Nick & Simon ?? Left and right
  • Diana Ross & The Supremes ?? You can ?? t hurry love
  • The Soul Sisters ?? The way to your heart
  • Rollo & King ?? Never ever let you go
  • Carpenters ?? Top of the world