Rabobank Savings & Belgium

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Rabobank is also very successful in Belgium. This success is due to the high base rate and the top interest offered on savings. Rabobank belongs with its double-A status of the safest banks in the world. For information on the guarantee of transparency which the bank first Belgian bank has already launched. Open and manage a savings account is free. What does transparency guarantee of Rabobank? Therefore more about saving with this interesting bank.


Rabobank's double A status. That means that even in these uncertain times exhibition is very unlikely that Rabobank will end up in heavy weather. The double A is the highest status that can provide a credit rating for a bank. Save this bank is secure savings. Rabobank.be falls under the Dutch guarantee scheme. Rabobank has not only a lot of influence in the Netherlands, but also fans out more and more about the world out. Incidentally, this guarantee will amount to be further increased. The Dutch guarantee maximum ?? 100,000 per person.

Savings bank

Rabobank.be is more than just savings. You can easy and free online banking with your Digipass. But Rabobank is also a savings bank. A quality that attracts many savers, because the rush is great lately. This is mainly due to the interest rate offered. Other larger banks use in Belgium a lower interest rate and therefore less interesting. And a move to Dutch banks with higher interest rates is not so simple, because usually it is required that you are a Dutch citizen, or a counterpart account at a Dutch bank. The latter means that, once you manage to open an account at a Dutch bank, with other Dutch banks, or other small foreign banks can open a savings account profitable. And that path does not seem completely impassable for those seeking good.

Which savings account Rabobank in Belgium?

These savings are possible with this bank:
  • Rabo savings account;
  • Rabo plus account;
  • Rabo donation account;
  • Rabo junior account;
  • Rabo business account;
  • Rabo business plus account;
  • Current account;
  • Term Deposit;
  • Branch-21.


When interest income outside of Belgium, the Belgian saver will be in accordance with the European Savings Directive or the withholding tax will be charged, which gradually increases over the coming years. It's up to you to see whether it still offers enough advantage to look beyond their national borders, or Rabobank.be yet it is only good alternative.

Transparency Guarantee

Transparency warranty Rabobank gives a guarantee that there are no hidden conditions attached to the Rabobank alliance products, but all products will be transparent. That means the following five commitments:
1. No bent conditions
If there are additional conditions which the bank will make clear in advance. Rabobank does not stunt and then disappoint the customer, but openness and a position of trust with you build. No unnecessary asterisks and fine print, what to look at but openness of the bank.
2. Minimum cost
Rabobank wants minimal cost charge and, where possible, can provide services free of charge. Most services are all free, but must be paid for somewhere which must be clear in advance.
3. Safety and common sense key
Rabobank has a simple business model without risky antics. Safely and wisely so.
4. You will be forced nowhere
Not push or force applied to purchase a particular product. You must voluntarily make your choice based on good information and education, but you are the one who chooses. Logically, it is also your money.
5. No additional fees to resign
The bank wants you obviously like to keep but you will not hold against coercion if you want to board anyway. However, the bank wants to know why you board, because everybody can learn from.


At Rabobank is extremely safe save spare. Check their rates. The interest is high. Rabobank is one of the safest banks in the world. Opening an account is simple. So anyone can easily benefit from this bank.