Ralph Lauren: a successful fashion designer

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Ralph Lauren not only designs clothes. He designs a lifestyle that is synonymous with elegance, class and good taste. Moreover, Ralph Lauren is a brilliant marketer who has an eye for new opportunities and also has made great achievements harvest with its scents and decoration articles.

Youth Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was born under the name Ralph Lipschitz in the Bronx, New York, in 1939. He grew up in a neighborhood and workman like Tommy Hilfiger also enjoyed his specific fashion training. He was, however, immersed in his youth in fashion when he moonlighted a penny in various New York department stores. In the evening he attended business management, the day he sold ties at Brooks Brothers. Brooks Brothers, a conservative, stylish men's clothes, Ralph Lauren would ever have gotten the taste for tackling the traditional, which has earned him an enviable place in the history of fashion.

First steps in the fashion world and expansion

Lauren ?? s first steps in the fashion world prompted him to badgers. In 1967 he designed for ?? Beau Brummel neckware ?? colorful, lush, trendy ties, and thus broke with the norm of dark, narrow ties. A year later, Ralph launched a men's clothing line, Polo, characterized by a very refined style, a mix of classic English and Traditional Amrikaans.
In 1971, Ralph Lauren launched his women's clothing line which was divided into four groups based on different lifestyles ?? collection ??, ?? classics ??, ?? country ?? and ?? active ??. Afterwards, there was next to clothing lines also work on other products such as eyewear. This came on the market in 1974. Boys clothing and perfumes Polo ?? ?? Men and Lauren ?? ?? Women saw the light in 1978. It already diversified product range was further expanded to include girls' clothing and footwear from 1981 from 1982. In 1983 there was also an extensive home decoration collection on the market. And this did not stop there. Followed later scarves, socks, bags, nightwear, jewelery, leather goods, and eventually, in 1990, the perfume ?? ?? Safari.
In addition to its own brand, Ralph Lauren also designed the costumes for the film The Great Gatsby ?? ?? and ?? Annie Hall ?? and thus influenced the style of millions of people. Ralph itself claims that he believes in clothing that remains throughout the seasons. His intention is to combine timeless American style with a touch of British elegance and comfort of natural fibers. According to him, his clothes too construed as ?? fashion ?? by the people who wear them.

Ralph Lauren as a lifestyle

Critics argue that Ralph Lauren is not innovative designes, but rather for an expensive lifestyle. It is undeniable that whoever wears Ralph Lauren, is associated with good taste. Also in his advertisement campaigns Ralph focuses more on a whole concept than on a number of specific items of clothing in particular. The total image is the most important.
The style Lauren represents, according to some, sometimes labeled a fantasy world. He creates costumes that seem to come from another world and of what he wants the people to believe that they wear in everyday life. And consumers seem to believe this also sincerely happy. Theme ?? s already discussed in collections Lauren, include African Safari ?? s, Indian princesses, Parisian bohemians and Russian revolutionaries. Ralph Lauren ?? s vision speaks countless people around the world.
Ralph is in fact the first designer who brings a lifestyle market, for example, rather than just clothes or perfume.
It will therefore not surprising that Ralph more than once in the prize. He won among others the 1992 Lifetime Achievement Award ?? ?? Council of American fashion designers. In 1996 he was crowned by the same counsel to ?? Designer of the Year ??.

Ralph Lauren and ingenious entrepreneur

In 1971 Ralph opened his first shop on the prestiqieuze Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Dze vermenigvulde into 116 Polo Ralph Lauren stores all over America, supplemented with shops in London, Paris and Shanghai. Furthermore, to find his clothes in about 1300 shops and stores. In 1990 also, there were already 62 outlet stores where clothes from previous seasons were spent with discount to the man. In 1997 Ralph Lauren had a turnover of five billion USD which he immediately became the best selling designer in the world. That year Ralph ?? s business also went to the fair, which immediately retaliatory sufficient resources to expand even further.
However, a little blemish on the reputation threatened in 1999, when 18 American designers were prosecuted before the court in connection with the exploitation of workers in overseas sweatshops. This Ralph Lauren decided to provide funding for independent observers who had to identify possible abuses them.
The business, however, there seemed not to suffer too much under, because there still be achieved phenomenal sales. With brands like Polo, Polo Sport, Lauren, Ralph Lauren Purple lable and many other our successful designer is more than ever present in the fashion world and beyond. Its stylish and timeless elegance continues to fascinate everyone.