Relationships and marriage: marry a foreign partner

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If Cupid has struck even then it does for a loved one no longer matter what the nationality of the other. Have a relationship with a foreign partner can be very enriching, but also specific features entail, think of the demands of family and religion. If you want to marry your foreign partner love, do your best in mind there. A list of things that you should look for if you want to enter into a marriage with a foreign partner.

In love with a foreign partner

In most cases, people find a love partner in your own country, who speaks the same language and is familiar with the same culture and customs. But there are also cases where Cupid aims his arrows at someone from a different country. When love strikes again makes the passport of the other no longer completely. But his love with a foreign partner brings with it certain peculiarities that differ from a love between two partners of the same nationality.

Getting married next step

If two partners are looking to feel good in the relationship they have with time forward to make their love officially by means of a marriage certificate. If you are the stage of the butterflies in the stomach once you are past the period beginning on the further development of your relationship. And everything goes well, the next step is marriage. It is also soothing that you can finally talk about my wife ?? ?? or ?? my husband ?? respectively, instead of girlfriend or boyfriend. Marry a foreign partner brings the following questions along with it.

In which country to get married?

The choice of country in which you will marry often depends on the required formalities. Will anyway have to be met heelwat formal requirements, precisely because it involves partners of different nationalities. The different governments will require certified translations of official documents like marriage contract, birth certificates and passports. This can give you heelwat extra costs and red tape and also set in motion a lengthy bureaucratic machine.

Live in what country?

An additional choice that is at issue is the choice of residence once the marriage is consummated. You also have children, it is interesting to see in which country the best amenities in the area of ​​education, schools, and health care. Also with a view to obtaining a residence permit, visa, or any second nationality domicile of choice may be important.

What are the consequences of the marriage?

Too often the wrong decision of getting married taken in a romantic, enthusiastic mood, without taking into account possible consequences. Besides romance, however, there are also more prosaic things look at a wedding. Universal terms, marry more or less amounts to the same thing: you promise each other eternal fidelity, and you promise to support each other in all areas. In the western world we are going to take it relatively easy; if it does not succeed together, you can apply for a divorce and the end of it.

What is the role of religion?

Abroad, however, typical characteristics of the country involved. So religion can play an important role not only in the preparation of marriage, but also in respect of the execution and after. Certain conditions may apply of which you as secularized Westerners are not aware. It is therefore up to sufficient that going in search and discuss with your loved one.

What is the role of the family?

The function of the family may also not be underestimated. So true in many countries is still a requirement that you provide a dowry, such as gold jewelry. Also the family can check whether you are sufficiently capable to provide your partner with the necessary material prosperity, eg. A house can buy, have sufficient monthly income, etc ... The role of the family in this by many Westerners often underestimated.