Relationships: Once a liar, always a liar?

Health oldmanhands August 7, 2016 0 1
Am I lied to my partner? Can I prevent my partner stop lying? Or should I end the relationship because my partner continues to lie? These are questions that are difficult in a loving relationship, but it is unfortunately common. How can you best deal with the lies of your partner?

Lies of your partner

If you're being lied to by someone that you love and thought he could trust, this can be very painful and frustrating. You have to love your partner so you see that you forgive your partner for the first time, probably the second or third time also still before you realize that you're dealing with someone who is always lying. Anyway, since you much about this person does, it will not be easy to just end the relationship, even though you know that it may be the right step to take. You often remains hope that he / she still is going to change and will not lie to you. You are about his / her behavior increasingly justify it by telling yourself that he / she be a good person, and deep inside loves you and that your relationship is very good, not only when he / she is lying.

Consider a relationship where your partner is lying

What you should ask yourself when this happens is: If you have a relationship where your partner is lying to you? Is lied to by your partner your idea of ​​love and respect? When you are emotionally very involved in your relationship is not always easy to make these logical questions and answer. You will often find excuses for the behavior of your partner, just to make yourself feel better in a relationship where you are with someone who does not respect your fully. When your partner is lying to you is mainly that he / she does not respect you and not that way is in the relationship if you hope this person is. Of course, you have many different kinds of lies, large and small lies. A lie is still a lie, no matter how big and what is the reason for it. If your partner can easily lie about the little things that are not really needed, then he / she can also do this easily with bigger and more important things that can damage the relationship.

Making choices in your relationship

Eventually you have to make a choice in your life. You can not stay in a relationship where you are constantly being lied to. You can go about talking seriously with your partner or ask him / her to seek help for this from an expert in the field. Of course, there is love, so that will overcome the time being still for a moment. But sooner or later the end station will be achieved. And you can be better at earlier ages come to the conclusion, then you do this until much later in life. The sooner you bite the chop sooner you again with someone else a complete life for you.

The most recognizable lies in men and women

  • I could not reach with my phone
  • I was stuck in traffic
  • I have a headache
  • I have not drunk so much
  • I just have to work late tonight
  • I'm on my way home, but the train is delayed
  • It was not so expensive
  • My battery of my phone was on
  • Sorry, I missed your call