Relax, some simple tips and tricks

Health gogge83 August 7, 2016 0 0
If we are not relaxed, and feel the stress throughout our body, we work less well. If we do not function as well, performing and we get ?? we function properly. It is a vicious circle where people sometimes hard to get out. Still, we can lower the level of stress with some simple exercises.


People who have strained to breathe tend faster and shallower. As a result we receive less oxygen. Which oxygen is responsible for combustion and ensures that we have sufficient energy, our brains need a lot of oxygen. Therefore it is important to reflect on our breathing. That can be very easily done by deliberately to ensure that we go deeply and exhale, and that in the following way: take a deep breath, hold a moment and then exhale back long. Do this some 10 times in a row and there is a clear difference will be noticeable. If you also have equally close your eyes, you will feel your body relax.

Relaxing hands.

Many of us work with the hands, whether it's on a keyboard or real labor. It is therefore logical that the stress to be felt in our hands. It has been proven that if we relaxed our hands, we also throughout our body will feel more relaxed. So try occasionally just let your hands hang beside your chair, completely relaxed and you will feel that the rest of your body relaxes. Think also the tip of the breathing and you've come a long way.

Make your body loose

By stress, our muscles will stretch and our bodies tense and even painful. Therefore, it is sometimes good to move the body in a way that brings relaxation. The idea is the abdomen, torso, and back to good loose by moving and twisting our arms around our bodies. Here it is not intended that the thrust coming from the arms, but from the body. The feet remain but the upper body takes as it were, on the pelvis. Put these quiet to start with but completely relaxed arms. After a while, the muscles will feel looser and thus will reduce the stress.

Celebrate small successes

People who have stress, often only see negative events or signals, and forget to be happy for small successes. Therefore it is important occasionally to reflect on those things that we do achieve and celebrate this once. Thus we see something positive and also our body will react to it that way. It is important not only mentally but also physically feeling positivity for both our muscles and our brains will respond.

Go get away

If something does not work properly, usually it will not continue working on it or worrying about it remain. It is important to take away, even if it seems difficult or even impossible at that time. Yet it is true that if you both mentally and physically dissociates something, it is good for body and mind. Often it is so that when you return to the hard work begins, one has a fresher look and see which solutions they sure did not see. If one keeps running in circles, there is rarely a good solution from the bus. It's also important to physically go to another place, a record where you do not think about work or household that needs to be done, chores that need to be refurbished or bosses that one may encounter. Enjoy a weekend and you will come back rejuvenated.

Smell flowers

It is not for nothing that men bring flowers to their wives if they have done something wrong, even though few realize it probably is. It is proved that the smell of flowers has a relaxing effect on muscles. Therefore Regularly remove flowers in the house and stand there a moment. Smell it through the nose a couple of times a deep breath. Close thereby also the eyes and think of a nice place; relaxation guaranteed.

Cry the tension from your body

People who are tense, have to bottle up feelings and tend to keep to themselves. However, this may even entail greater pressure because you're not just tense, you should still do your best not to let this show. These are two tasks together that reinforce each other even more. Therefore it is good to do an exercise when you are alone and you have no one to put on;
Lie on your back on the floor with one leg flat and one leg raised. Cry aloud, the first thing that comes into your mind and call it conviction. Breathe slowly and leave at the same time the far leg slide down until it lies flat. Take a few deep breaths and do the same with the other leg. While lowering your leg, feeling ?? ?? You slip out of your body tension.

Find a mantra

Probably a mantra the most underrated sense that one could imagine. The power of a mantra lies in repetition and in the fact that it is personal and really focus on yourself. A mantra can be ?? I can handle this ?? or ?? I am strong enough ?? but let it be especially something that you like, and apply to you. When you have chosen a mantra, it is good to repeat this for himself some 100 times. Through repetition is faith and confidence and thus the mantra will be his strength. Remember that you are in difficult situations your mantra several times to yourself, repeat and you will notice that you will get through courage and strength.