Relaxation while you work

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You're staring a large part of the day on a chair, with his hands on a key board to the screen? Often you do not realize where do these come from stiffness in the neck and shoulders, when you get home from work. Usually these complaints arise from a unilateral posture, whereby especially the upper body gets hard to endure, but also the flow of blood to the legs is obstructed by the sitting position. These relaxation exercises you can do at work.

Relaxation Exercise 1: proper breathing

  • Slide your chair a piece of the desk off and feel your buttocks, thighs and back make contact with the seat. Usually breathe at a desk with only your chest. A complete breathing consists of inhalation which you start by turning off your belly, then through the diaphragm into the chest.
  • For a full breath in your lungs become almost one time completely filled with oxygen. This gives all your vital organs supplemental oxygen.
  • If you've been breathing fully, hold your breath for three seconds, before exhaling through your mouth. Put in the full - and exhale 10 times.

Relaxation Exercise 2: Neck - and shoulder muscles contract and relax

  • You're still a bit away from your desk? Good. Make sure your feet make solid contact with the floor. Put to rest both hands on your thighs.
  • As you inhale, pull your shoulders up as far as possible, between your ears. If you can not go up anymore, you wait three seconds before you drop down your shoulders again.
  • Do this five times before starting the next exercise.

Relaxation Exercise 3: Neck muscles massaged

  • You do this not to ask colleagues whether he / she is inclined .. No, you can easily massage your neck muscles.
  • Stand with your left arm behind your head along with your left hand and grab your neck firmly. Now knead with your fingers, your neck, your lower back and to the right up to your collarbone.
  • Do this for 1 minute and then switch arm, so go with your right arm behind your head down and grab your right hand, your neck.
  • Knead again with your fingers, your neck muscles until your left collarbone.

Relaxation Exercise 4: Nekspiermassage by rotating head

  • Gently bring your head back, your neck. Then turn your head to the right until your right cheek touch your right shoulder.
  • Probably you now feel left neck muscle to your left ear a little pull. That's a good sign!
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds and turn your head back to center and then to the left until your left cheek to touch your left shoulder, hold for 5 seconds and turn your head back to center.
  • Bend your head now up forward and down until your chin touches your chest. Hold this position for 5 seconds, and also get your head back into the normal position.

Relaxation Exercise 5: Let waving your hands!

  • Now your neck and shoulders have relaxed well, it's time your hands once again under the microscope. Through all that tapping on the keyboard, move your fingers, the palm of your hands and wrists tense and stiff to the touch.
  • The following exercise ensures that the flow starts up again, and fatigue dissolves in the hands and forearms.
  • While standing on your chair you bring your arms level with your chest in bent position. Waving your hands for a while, just as long until a tingling sensation in the fingers.
  • You literally shake the tiredness out of your fingers!

The result

Do these exercises first time in naochtend and one time in the afternoon. You will notice, if you keep doing the exercises consistently, you have fewer problems after two weeks of fatigue in neck, shoulders, arms and hands.