Removing the odor of cat urine

Nature AlexCapownt August 8, 2016 4 12
Cats are naturally wonderful animals. But the smell of their urine can be extremely persistent. Fortunately there are ways to quickly get rid of the smell of cat pee. Anyone who owns or is the proud owner of a cat, is familiar with the smell of cat pee. And especially with the tenacity it! Although the pools themselves as removed and it is not hard to remove urine stains, the smell unfortunately keeps hanging too long. This gives a lot of frustrated cat owners shoes, slippers and dressing discarded. But what if the cat urinates on the carpet or on the furniture? Or like the smell of cat urine in a wooden or concrete floor is pulled?

Cat from urinating until verruïneerd house

Once a cat has found a place where he or she would like pee, it is a real chance that you have a big problem. The cat is indeed inclined to his or her need to do every time in the same place, even if you are still so many things clean. There are stories of cat owners who have seen their entire laminate or parquet to smithereens go because of their cat urinating.
From bad to worse
In the first instance only touches the top of the floor damaged. This is because the crystals in the cat pee. These are very persistent and eventually feel like sandpaper. But the real difficulties only arise when the urine reaches the bottom of the wooden floor and pulls into the subfloor. The entire floor is then convex face and the floor gets over time a persistent odor of ammonia, which can not be removed. In the summer when the humidity increases, the stench has been unbearable at all.

How to remove cat pee not

Cats Urine can not get away with soapy water only. You may think that you no longer smell like pee, but after a while, the smell still surfaced again. You will also cat, which has a much keener sense of smell than you, his own urine can still easily smell. This provokes new again puddle behavior. Want to get rid of the smell of cat urine, then you have to go thorough.

Remove cat urine from carpet

Do you want to remove cat urine effectively, try it once with a mixture of 3 parts vinegar and one part water. Do this in the place where it is urinated and then dab the area as dry as possible. Sprinkle baking soda over the spot below.
Then you mix 180 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon dishwashing liquid. Apply on the baking soda. Beware: this method can cause discoloration! When in doubt, test first on an inconspicuous area. Then rub the baking soda with a brush, let it dry and vacuum it up.

Cat urine in your clothes?

Clothing that smells like cat pee, it would be impossible. Fortunately you to easily get rid of the odor, namely by adding apple cider vinegar to your laundry detergent. Also overnight soak in Biotex gives good experiences. Finally, you can wash the garment with Dettol.
Please note that it may seem that the smell is gone, but it still comes back later. This happens especially when it is hot and / or when you sweat.

The smell of cat urine in wood flooring, concrete flooring and furniture

Although vinegar, Biotex, Dettol and even soda are often effective remedies, it obviously is not doing a lot of furniture in the washing machine to cram. For wooden or concrete, you will need to find other solutions. You can find these do not practice means that just mask the odor of cat urine. Before you know it, your house smells like a mixture of cat urine and detergent.
So you have to look for an agent that does not mask odors but neutralizes. A known means of Ecodor UF2000. UF2000 does not mask odors, but breaks the cat urine out through enzymes, the plea is also environmentally friendly, but hey, that's probably not the main goal. After all, you want only one thing: that awful smell of ammonia off!
You can use UF2000 on various substrates such as concrete, parquet, stone, hardwood floors, clothing, mattresses and carpets.

No bleach against cat pee

Would you prefer to try a different way? Use then no bleach, because chlorine put the cat correctly to pee!