Repairing damaged hair

Health kphoenix July 25, 2016 0 15
Styles, blow drying, perming, dyeing: your hair often gets a lot to endure. Therefore, the chances are that your hair gets damaged. The scales remain open instead of closed. Your damaged hair has less luster and feels rough and it is only natural that you want out of there as quickly as possible. You just do not want a lot of your hair cut off. How do you ensure your hair is again as before?

Step 1: Do not let your hair becomes more damaged

Do not use a flat iron, blow dryer or curling iron
The heat is bad for your hair and makes it dry out. If you really really like you want her styles, blow dry or curl, it is smart to use a protective cream. This ensures that your hair is not static and fluffy. To let your hair styles you should use a ceramic hair straightener, this minimizes damage to the hair.
Do not rub your hair dry with a towel
It's not good for your hair to rub it dry. Dab prefer dry or let it air dry.
Protect your hair from the sun
The sun can make you beautiful coupe turns into a wisp of straw. Therefore, you should use a hair care with UV filter. This UV filter protects your hair from UV rays and thus ensures that you do not dry out hair.
Dye your hair not
In hair dye ingredients that are harmful to your hair. It opens the hair cuticles which means that your hair becomes dull and dry. So it is better for you not to dye her, or at least as little as possible.

Step 2: Take care of your hair

Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner
Today there are many products on the market designed specifically for damaged hair. These products are just for sale in the shop and are usually as expensive as normal shampoos. Wash your hair two to three times per week with the conditioning shampoo and then leave the conditioner for a few minutes. Rinse it out and let your hair dry.
1 Use a hair mask once a week
A hair mask provides just that extra bit of care. There are, as with the shampoos and conditioners, hair special masks available for damaged hair. Apply the hair mask to damp hair, especially on the ends. Such agreements are often the driest. Let it, depending on the type of hair mask, a number of minutes and rinse it off then on again.
Regularly go to the hairdresser
If you have split ends, does your hair look also damaged and fluffy off. It is therefore important to regularly go to the hairdresser. If you do not, your hair will increasingly be split, with the consequence that there is a much larger piece of your hair out when you have to let it cut again. Sometimes a haircut is enough to make your hair look again showing healthy.

Step 3: Keep your recovered hair care

Make sure your hair is not damaged again
If your hair once what is restored, it is important that you take care of your hair stays good. If you fail to do so will damage your hair again and you should recover her all over again. Adjust it so as little as possible exposed to the heat of a flat iron, blow dryer or curling iron, paint can not or hardly her and pamper your hair once a week with a hair mask. Your hair will eventually be fully recovered.