Restoration of the skin during the night

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Use the power of the night to let your skin recover. Could not be simpler: lie sleep and meanwhile be nicer. Healthy skin takes care of that. But you can help best and give the skin a boost with the example of Dr. Night Serum Hauschka or Repair Wear Sculpting Night Cream from Clinique. Or use the Detox Body Treatment of Filorga for a beautiful smooth skin surface.

The power of night

?? At night, the skin has a different rhythm than during the day. The skin needs night not to be protected from harmful external influences, such as environmental influences, stress etc. The forces of the skin can then be used to regenerate, repair, moisturize and protect. In addition, cells are renewed and excreted waste. The skin of the regeneration takes place in each case in a cycle of 28 days. The skin may evenings tired look and feel a little tight, but after a refreshing sleep, the skin feels soft and looks fresh. But we are more than happy willing to help nature a little and definitely aging skin could use a little boost.

Night Serum Dr. Hauschka

The hydrating Night Serum Dr. Hauschka is a fat-free night care. That's some getting used to, otherwise your skin may feel a little tight. That's not a bad sign, but actually means that your skin is stimulated to heal itself.
Freshly harvested flowers and fruits of the rose apple and herbal ingredients such as witch hazel are the ingredients that play a role in the recovery and revitalization of the skin, so who ?? mornings radiant and fresh look.
Dr. Hauschka Night Serum is available from May 1, 2015 to ?? 30.95. The serum is suitable for the 40+ skin. After cleaning the skin thin on the face, neck and décolleté. For sales information see:

Clinique Repair Wear Sculpting Night Cream: The Power of 8

If you find yourself every night awards 8 hours of sleep, your skin is greatly benefited. The Repair Wear Sculpting Night Cream contains eight active ingredients. The magic formula is that the use of this night cream jawline for 8 weeks, neck and chest - the places where the skin aging phenomena first become visible - firms and lifts. The cream contains collagen include promoting components such as Centella asiatica; Coleus barbatus extract to firm the facial contours; white birch extract, and vitamin C, to repair external damage by UV radiation and free radicals and murmuru butter and linoleic acid for the hydration. This night cream is available from the end of January 2015 and will cost ?? 87.

Filorga Detox Body Treatment for super glade skin

The Detox Body Treatment of Filorga decorate your body skin. Abdomen, buttocks, legs and breasts are the critical areas where women find themselves most often ugly. Each of these areas has specific problems: dry skin on the legs; rough skin on legs, thighs and between the breasts; fluid accumulation in the skin tissue of the abdomen, thighs and legs; sagging skin on the inside of the thighs, buttocks, lower the arms and chest. Detox body treatment Filorga is the first nourishing skincare that removes toxins. The light creamy mousse nourishes and protects the skin with karitéschuim, this is shea butter which changes under pressure in foam and not sticky. Detox with fluid retention occurs with the help of, among others purifying quercetinedimeren - molecules derived from an extract of Sophora japonica ?? blossom - and extracts from various medicinal plants. The combined effect of removing toxins and improving fluid drainage, the silhouette becomes firmer and less swollen. Glycolic Acid, finally, provides enhanced texture of the body skin. Detox Body Treatment is not designed for overnight meant, but because the body itself is still busy with the excretion of waste, this treatment can provide an extra boost. As the product is non-greasy, it is also during the day to very good use. The product is available from March 2015 at ICI Paris XL. One vial will cost ?? 29.90.