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Tess Gerritsen writes very exciting thrill handlers, as well as the bestseller "The Sinner" which was released in 2003. This is the third part in the Jane Rizzoli / Maura Isles series, and is as good as the first two parts.

The sinner: Blurb

Within the walls of a monastery has been a horrible massacre. In the snow finds two nuns, one dead and the other seriously injured. The brutal crime seems without motive. But the autopsy of the dead woman by pathologist Maura Isles makes a shocking surprise: the twenty-sister Camille was pregnant before she was killed. While long-buried secrets come to light, the investigative efforts of Maura Isles leads inevitably to the core of the mystery, and a startling revelation ...

The sinner: Brief Summary

The sinner is about the investigation Detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles do to the murder of a nun in a convent. The murdered nun is, unlike the other 13 nuns living in the convent debetreffende, still very young, because she was only in her early twenties. Her name is Camille Maginnes, the other nuns called her Sister Camille. The sixty-eight Sister Ursula Rowland was the second victim, she survived and was taken to a hospital, she is now in a coma. Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles try to obtain information by interrogating the other nuns but this does not help them much further. The Mother Superior, Mother Mary Clement had heard nothing unusual that night and the two nuns Sister Camille and Sister Ursula had found in the chapel in the courtyard had seen or heard nothing further. The other nuns sleep in rooms that do not face the courtyard, so they also had noticed nothing, what's more, there is a paralyzed and some have Alzheimer's. Both nuns are attacked from behind and someone repeatedly stamped their mind. The only visit that receives the monastery is the parish priest and a lady with her daughter, she works at the rectory. While Maura Isles perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death investigation takes an amazing turn of events; Maura finds out that Sister Camille gave birth recently. The team will look for the baby and finally get the body against when the pond to being dredges. Meanwhile, there's another dead woman found outside the monastery, she bumps everywhere on her body and misses her hands, feet and face. They will soon nicknamed "The rat woman" because her body was eaten when it was found. At first it seems this murder with nothing to make it happen in the monastery to have later the contrary is proved, there is indeed a connection between the two cases. Maura Isles must perform an autopsy on the baby, that she finds itself a horrendous task. Once the baby is wrapped in the cloth indicates that something is seriously wrong, the skull is open and the face is dented. The baby suffers from anencephaly, and is already deceased either during pregnancy or shortly after birth. Jane Rizzoli is also present during the autopsy, Jane is really a woman in a man's profession and is quite strong in her shoes, but the sight of this child causes them to faint. Then Maura discovered that Jane is pregnant. Sister Ursula dies from her injuries in the hospital, and they appeared to have previously worked together with the female rats in India. This was the reason for the murders, they had escaped together from a village where Matthew Sutcliffe was responsible for an industrial disaster. To cover up this disaster, he burns all lepers to make it look like a massacre. When it appeared that Sister Ursula and Female Rats were gone away he kills them later. Sister Camille also just had the misfortune to be present in the chapel, at first it seemed that the killer had its targeting, the team thought toward the baby drama. Ultimately revealed that Camille had actually nothing to do with it.

The sinner: General Information

The sinner is the third chapter of the Jane Rizzoli / Maura Isles series written by Tess Gerritsen. The different parts of this series are also well read independently of each other, this is not necessarily in the right order. Personally, I would recommend this well because you get to know the characters and knows about previous cases they have investigated. The sinner is, like the other books written by Tess Gerritsen, a thrilling thriller that you can not put away before you completely uithebt him. This book is highly recommended, as Surgeon way. For more information about the book "The Surgeon", click here: Surgeon Review - Tess Gerritsen
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