Ride against colon cancer July 7

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Ride against colon cancer July 7

July 7th, Paris and its region are mobilizing to fight against colon cancer. In the program, including this day of festivities around health prevention: a skating hiking and inflating a giant colon.

Gustave Roussy Hospital, first center for fight against colon cancer in Europe and the French Mutuality of Ile-de-France launched the first edition of "Ride for colon!" Sunday, July 7, 2013 in Paris.

This event will allow the general public to meet doctors who will answer all questions regarding prevention, screening, treatment ... Remember that this cancer develops long without apparent symptoms, hence the importance of screening.

Screened from 50 years

Colon cancer develops from the lining of the colon or rectum. This cancer is the second deadliest in France just after the breast. The annual number of new cases of colorectal cancer is about 40,500, with 53% men.

Colon cancer occurs in 94% of cases in people over 50 years. A test can detect it: the Hemoccult seeking traces of blood in the stool. It is recommended to do this test every two years from 50 years. If it is positive, a colonoscopy is then prescribed. It permits visualization of the interior of the intestine and thereby detect cancerous lesions which are generally removed during the examination.

Leisure education July 7

To educate the public on Sunday in the interest of screening of leisure and sporting activities will be offered in a village sports-health, open from 10 am 30 pm from 30 to 18 on the Esplanade de la Bastille.

  • An inflatable colon: the village will host ADECA75, cancer screening structure in Paris and his giant inflatable colon in which the public can stroll.
  • A hike on skates: it will run between 14 h 30 and 17 h 30. Departure and arrival Place de la Bastille. The Rollers & Shellfish Association oversees this sporty ride 20 km.
  • A skating workshop for children and adults who want to learn it.
  • Sports demonstrations: in-line skating, hockey, speed skating champions.

Need help...

There is the Association France Colon for people with colorectal cancer and their loved ones.