Riding with a body protector and air bag vest

Sport concepters July 26, 2016 0 44
More and more people wear when riding a body protector and air bag vest. Very wise because with it the spine, ribcage and many important organs are protected by a fall from a horse. It is not as if the fall does not hurt, and you'll be able to keep most of the fall big bruises all over. But if you reduce the chance of serious injuries, including bruised and broken ribs.

Safety first

Horseback riding is a dangerous sport. According to a survey, whose results are published in the Dutch Journal of Medicine, arrive every year ten thousand horsemen at the emergency after an accident with a horse. In itself, the number of accidents compared to other sports too bad, but the injury suffered is what is often heavier than in other sports.
The research shows that wearing protective clothing when riding causes less injury will develop. The advice from the research is also to wear as many protective clothing when riding. The researchers do not only promote the wearing of a cap, but also the wearing of a body protector. While the cap is often accepted and supported many are bodyprotectors The researchers carried much too little.

What is a body protector?

A body protector looks like a tight vest. However, it is a safety vest. By wearing a body protector when riding you can nasty horse-riding injuries, which are caused by a horse fall prevented.
A body protector protects your torso as a sort of armor. There are bodyprotectors which consist of one piece, one large hard plate. Bodyprotectors major disadvantage of this is that you can not move easily. Today, however, the existence bodyprotectors increasingly out loose blocks that shape themselves to your body. This allows you to move your body more easily than with whole slabs.
The content of the body protector is a special foam, the memory foam. The foam is warmer by body heat, making it smoother and more stands to the body. The more expensive bodyprotectors often have a better quality foam.

What is an airbag vest?

An airbag vest is like a body protector a safety vest. Only this vest is made of soft material. This vest is sitting with a cable attached to the saddle. If you fall off the horse the cable is pulled, the airbag vest. Through a CO2 cartridge, the vest inflates within half a second. This makes your body, from neck to tailbone, well protected. After the fall you have to replace the CO2 cartridge and you can use the safety vest again.

Why a body protector?

By wearing a body protector protects your torso in a fall from your horse. Thus, the spine, ribs and protects your organs in your body. Especially in a fall from your horse where you land on an object such as the top of the fence or barrier is pleasant to wear a body protector.

When a body protector?

At the exit or for yourself in the tray drive is not required to wear a body protector. However, it is wise: riding happens to be a dangerous sport. At nightfall there is often serious injury can occur. A horse remains an animal and can always scare, the more obedient and well behaved horse is. It is therefore important to ensure that if you fall, you fall behind with minimal injury. By wearing a helmet can reduce head injuries by wearing a body protector reduce your injury spine, ribcage and many important organs.
In some sports, the body protector or an airbag vest even mandatory. In the other parts of the body protector may be worn.
Mandatory in eventing
An eventing competition consists of three parts: a dressage test, a showjumping and crosscountry. At the cross of an eventing competition is wearing a body protector or an airbag jacket required.
Mandatory when driving and mendurance
Since April 1, 2015 during the marathon participants and also the grooms required to wear a back or body protector.
Permitted in dressage and jumping
During dressage and jumping, it is illegal to wear a body protector and air bag vest. These safety vests must be worn under or over clothing.
Required at the examination for the ruiterbewijs at youth to sixteen
As of January 1, 2014, wearing a body protector during the examination to ruiterbewijs mandatory for examinees to 16 years. The SRR, the Foundation Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen Recreation Rider has made this mandatory.
Required with some riding schools
Some riding schools require their lesklanten to wear a body protector during the riding lessons.

The fit

It is important that the body protector fits well. He may not pinch, but may also not be too large. The body protector works best when it is on the skin as closely as possible. Only a t-shirt underneath is the most ideal. In winter sweaters and jackets may be worn over the best. The foam which is the protector takes the shape of your body in the body protector.
When trying on the body protector he can not sit tight. You still have enough freedom of movement. The body protector, however, should not be too large. He may not be too long. Take when trying different positions to check whether you have the right size. Keep the body protector it for a while, he must be hot before it is tasty.
Go at it fit to sit on a chair. Also now different postures. Please note that there are about 12 cm of space between the bottom of the body protector and is seated. This is necessary in order to ensure that the protector body from touching the saddle when driving.