Right to respite for caregivers an emergency

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Right to respite for caregivers an emergency

While this Monday, September 21 is World Alzheimer's Day, an issue remains a concern: that of caregivers. Indeed, caring for a loved one with this disease, it is a job at all times. These caregivers are often every day in a state of near exhaustion. How to help?

Caregivers, these are some 4.3 million people who are caring for a sick and dependent close. This figure is constantly growing, and the people concerned suffer from symptoms of burnout close.

They spend on average 6.5 hours per day to care for their loved one and once all financial aid deducted, there are still 1,000 euros dependent on them each month medical or paramedical expenses.

Another figure more than worrying: nearly 30% of caregivers die before they accompany the near, says the France Alzheimer association that today sounds the alarm.

A right to relief, a right to blow

The company's adaptation bill on Ageing, adopted on September 16 at second reading in the National Assembly, although provides for assistance respite. The caregiver may benefit from an annual sum enabling it to finance the care for a few days, the addict, so he could breathe a little.

But the France Alzheimer Association denounces the conditions for obtaining this support too restrictive. It reaffirms that "using these caregivers" is the responsibility of all. First of public authorities, but also vis-à-vis companies for their employees, associations of every person who would see a close question.

The day of September 21 is an opportunity to say so loud and clear.