Ring the bell with heavy periods

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Women with heavy bleeding during menstruation should not stay home waiting proceed with their complaints, but draw their GP to the bell. After a treatment tailored by the doctor and / or gynecologist that they can live their lives again without any restrictions.

That is the main message of Professor Dr. Marlies Bongers to all women who suffer from heavy periods. The gynecologist from Máxima Medical Center in late June was appointed professor at Maastricht University Medical Center; in our country it is now the first female professor in general gynecology. From its new, prominent position, she intends to bring the problem of heavy and painful periods attention as wide as possible. ,, In the year 2015 I find it staggering that even in a modern country like the Netherlands, the threshold for women is still so high to go to the doctor with these complaints. Many women are ashamed of their blood loss and think it belongs there, I'll wait until I get in transition and the symptoms disappear naturally. Meanwhile, they take for granted that the quality of their busy lives is severely curtailed. Many women have chronic fatigue due to anemia, dare shame the door no matter whether consciously plan their appointments outside the menstrual period. Very sorry and also not necessary. Abnormal bleeding can be treated, "said the gynecologist, who in 2010 and 2012 has been declared a Toparts.

Scientific research

Led by Marlies Bongers, the Maxima has become a center of excellence for heavy vaginal bleeding. From far and wide come to women for research and treatment to the special theme polyclinic in Veldhoven. Through her appointment as professor of the collaboration between the Maxima and Maastricht University Medical Centre further strengthened. The gynecologist is in Maastricht one day a week doing scientific research. ,, Many questions are still waiting for an answer. For example, why does one woman more bleeding than the other? Why does one fibroids and not another? Why they do not grow at all women equally hard and they come sometimes in a different place back after you've removed? Maastricht has a lot of knowledge and a wonderful laboratory. For me this is an excellent opportunity to hook up with this. "

Together with the university hospital does Marlies Bongers currently already investigating the best treatment for heavy bleeding during menstruation. Two commonly used methods are safe and hereby compared with each other. The insertion of a IUD Mirena-in which is a hormone that reduces menstrual blood loss. And endometrial ablation in which the uterine lining is burned away. Gynecologist in training Marlou Herman PhD on July 2 on the subject of treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding. She published the design of this study, to show which method is most effective. She notes that many women now choose from their feelings and for that reason often no hormone treatment needs.

Tailored to each patient

The patient is the big winner of scientific studies like this. ,, The enormous amount of data we collect in various fields, leads to new insights. It then becomes increasingly clear what the effect will be a cure and we women always better educate and offer customization. Therefore it is becoming easier for them to make yourself a good choice. Do not misunderstand me: this is about quality of life. Extremely important. "