Roberto Bolaño, posthumous recognition

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The Chilean writer and poet Roberto Bolaño gets six years after his sudden death finally get the recognition he had previously earned considering the quality of his work. Now he is widely regarded as one of the most important Latin American writers of the last century.


Roberto Bolaño was born in 1953 in Santiago de Chile. As a child he was forced dyslexisch difficulties at school and the economic situation in Chile they are my parents to emigrate to Mexico. Age 13 he joined the whole day in the library to read.
He also took his first steps on the path of poetry and later formed the infrarrealismo, a sort of Dadaist movement. Bolaño was known in those days as the terror of the world of poetry in Mexico. He described his experiences in Los Detectives Salvajes.

Return to Chile

In 1973 he returned to Chile, where he witnessed the military coup by Pinochet. If Trotskyite he opposed the coup and he was arrested. After eight days, however, he was already released by a friend of mediation which was employed by the police.

Wanderings and Spain

After some wandering he arrived in Spain in 1977. There he threw himself into all sorts of jobs in order to survive: waiter, a dishwasher, night watchman etc.
Still, he picked up his old vocation as a writer again and began to send in stories, with which he won several regional awards. Also published his first works, but they were hardly noticed. He lived in Blanes and drove a jewelery shop.


In the nineties there has been some response to his published work. Bolaño received several awards for his novels and ended up with Los Detectives Salvaje national and international recognition. He also wrote columns for including El País and was seen as one of the ringleaders of a new wave of South American writers. He has published several works, but it appeared that he was seriously ill. On July 15, 2003 he died while he was waiting for a liver donor.


At the time of his death he had nearly completed the novel in 2666. Preferably more than 1000 pages, he had already full
written his most ambitious work to date. The book is about a mysterious female assassin in Ciudad Juárez. Also go back literature detectives in their search for a German writer and end up in the anxiety-ridden Ciudad Juárez. The different stories eventually come together, but the woman murders remain unsolved. Despite the 1100 pages of the book continues to fascinate by the narrative of Bolaño with all his digressions, humor, and always surprising twists.
In 2008 in the United States only the English translation and there began to emerge a hype and Roberto Bolaño was seen as the new Garcia Marquez and 2666 as Hundred Years of Solitude. Also published books about him and was older work translated due to the literary success.
Also recently the Dutch translation, so can the Dutch readers form an opinion about the quality of this masterpiece. And maybe Roberto Bolaño gets here his posthumous bestseller.


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