Roman religion

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The Roman religion was very important also for the rest of the world. The Romans knew many gods who each had their own function. They thought they were dependent on these gods and therefore took this into their everyday lives. They therefore had a lot of rituals, prayers and sacrifices that were needed to calm tune their gods. They called as ?? s belief that you believed in multiple gods of pagan beliefs.

The rituals

Ritual was an essential part of the Roman religion. The main rituals were those of prayer, the sacrifice, the parties and the Divinatio. Divinatio The trick is to know the will of the gods. The gods had to be informed of all important events. The gods in different ways what they thought of all kinds of decisions. They did so by example, thunder and lightning, miscarriages, or the behavior of the animals. They tried to find out the will of the gods by examining the entrails of sacrificial animals. All this was part of the Divinatio. The divinatoi took over the Romans from the Etruscans.

The prayer

The prayer was held in the temple. A prayer began with the invocation of the god or goddess. Behind this name calling people all the familiar names that people knew before this god or goddess. She called to multiple gods to accompany their already called god. This could then help a god, so they were stronger together. Besides the names of the god or goddess was also called the favorite residence and the function of the god. She hoped the gods they had called their hearing. Then they gave the reasons why God had to listen to them and they started with their request. The Romans believed that only a prayer would be answered if it was well formulated and sincere prayer was otherwise had no effect.

The sacrifice

Temples are not churches as we know them now where people go to listen to a priest, the offerings to the gods were made here. Besides offering people did not come out looking like the sacrifices but were done in the right way. Only people who had a power of sacrifice could do that. That were often priests. Before a sacrifice was done, the priest had to give permission. The priests then looked at whether there were favorable conditions for this sacrifice. This was necessary to know whether the sacrifice was welcomed.


The priesthood is a public function that was mainly carried out by an authoritative person in political life. Priest was a perfectly normal profession at that time. Unlike a person in politics his whole life a priest could maintain this profession. Priests of the country around and gave advice on new temples tasks and rituals that they did not know well. They also performed the rituals as citizens themselves wanted to make a sacrifice.

Personal religion

The Romans had in their home a few religious places. The fire and the house altar, called the lararium. The Romans loved their gods from here again informed of their decisions and thereby therefore asked permission to the god. This also heard again at the Divinatio. Each family worshiped Roman gods not only the state but also two separate gods. The Lres and Penates. The Lares were under the Romans their grandfathers died. Each family had its own lararium, this was a small table with figurines. Every day she adored this little altar and gave small gifts such as frankincense and wine.

The religious festivals

The Romans had many feasts in honor of the gods they worshiped. On these holidays, the Romans did not work and the law was also put silent. For the Romans were the only days off, a free Sunday as they did not know in Christianity. The slaves were also welcome at the popular Roman festival Saturnalia. During this festival they gave each other presents and they took jokes with each other. At this party, the roles were reversed and operated the lord's servant.

The Roman pantheon

From the Romans could anyone choose his own faith and believe what everyone wanted as long as the public order but not disturbed. As a result there were many different gods worshiped in the Roman Empire. Why must all people are willing to sacrifice on the altar of state gods and deceased emperors.
The Romans first did not believe in gods, they had no interest here. This they also did not really matter how the gods would look like. But when the Romans took over the gods of the Greeks in the 5th century BC, they began the gods, like the Greeks, even when people portray, with fixed attributes like a lightning bolt, a peacock and cupids.


Venus was the goddess of love and fertility and was depicted with a dove. Cupid is the son of Venus and can shoot with his bow and arrow in a heart, which people fell in love. Amor therefore became the god of love. In a story that Cupid state even once at the heart of his mother shot, when Venus was in love with the beautiful young hunter Adonis.


Neptune was the god of the sea and was always depicted with a trident; when he was angry arose throughout high waves. Neptune is a brother of Jupiter and Pluto. Their father was Saturn.


Another state goddess Minerva, she is the goddess of wisdom, knowledge and technology. Minerva was depicted with armor and an owl.


Diana was the goddess of the hunt and was usually depicted with a bow and arrow and a deer. Also you could recognize Diana to the crescent in her hair. As a virgin goddess Diana was the goddess of chastity. Diana is the daughter of Jupiter and Latona. Jupiter had fallen in love with the beautiful Latona and made sure Latona was pregnant. However, no country wanted Lotana ones came in their country because Juno was angry. Latona was very sad and just wandered around. Eventually the island was delos pity and if they come to give birth there. On that island twins were born Apollo and Diana.


So Apollo was the son of Jupiter and twin brother of Diana. He was the god of light, the game art, medicine and music. Apollo often become the same as pictured his sister with a bow and arrow but often with a winch and sacrifice scale. Apollo often wears a laurel wreath on his head. His main task was to tighten his four horses for the chariot.


Pluto was the god of death and was always depicted with his two teeth. Pluto is also another brother of Jupiter and therefore of Neptune. Their father Saturn. Pluto's wife was Proserpina. Pluto Proserpina had however been forced upon him because Proserpina would not quite be the wife of Pluto. Actually, it was all the fault of Cupid, because he had once played with his arrows and shot at the heart of Pluto. Thus Pluto fell in love with the beautiful Proserpina. He took her to the underworld, where no one would find her.
There are many more gods, but these are the most important of the Roman Empire.
The gods were very close to the people, they helped people when they were in trouble, but if it was necessary, they punished the people too. When Aeneas is the connection with the real world well forward; Aeneas was the son of a goddess and had an ordinary man as a father.


A myth is a story about gods, demigods and heroes. The Greeks knew many myths. When the Romans took over the gods of the Greeks, they also took their myths. Myths helped people understand how special things like lightning, thunder and rain arose. Thus, thunder and lightning declared a myth that the god Jupiter was angry. Nor could they understand a myth how an earthquake occurred; that happened when the god of the sea Neptune was angry.