Romeo and Juliet Summary

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Perhaps it is the most famous love story Romeo and Juliet. Love till death do us part. Have you read the play and you understood it not good? Or have you never read the story but would like to still get an impression about? It may be that this summary to read a whole other reason. By reading this summary of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare snap up the farmer better or are you going to read it yet. The story is about two families with a vendetta and is set in the Renaissance. Romeo and Juliet both come from another family and not supposed to be together.


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  • Author: William Shakespeare
  • Title The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Translation: The most excellent and lamentable tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
  • First performance: 1596

Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare is arguably the greatest English writer. He not only wrote wonderful books but he also has enriched the English language with new words, phrases and expressions. Besides that he was a playwright, he was also a great poet. Personally, I found out only later that Romeo and Juliet was not just a story, but a play. Namely Shakespeare wrote no stories but plays. Romeo and Juliet was written in the period 1594-96. It is inspired by the story: The Tragicall Historye or Romeus and Juliet written by the English poet Arthur Brooke. The story took over the Italian writer Matteo Bandello.
Characters from the book
In plays are often much more important characters than in ordinary books. They are also often referred to the front of the book. This is the list of main characters from the book Romeo and Juliet:
The Capulets
  •  Lord Capulet is the male family head of the Capulets.
  •  Lady Capulet is the woman's family head of the Capulets.
  •  Julia is the daughter of Lady and Lord Capulet, she is the female protagonist of the book.
  •  Tybalt is a cousin of Juliet.
  •  Rosalinde Romeo is in love with her before he knew Julia.

The royal Verona
  •  Paris wants to marry Juliet.
  •  Mercutio is a friend of romeo.

The Montagues
  •  Lord Montague is the male family head of the Montagues.
  •  Lady Montague, the wife's family head of the Montagues.
  •  Romeo is the son of the Montagues, he is the male protagonist of the book.
  •  Benvolio is a cousin of Romeo and friend of Romeo.


The story takes place in Verona. The family Capulet and Montague are enemies of each other. A relationship with someone from another family is impossible. Romeo is in love with Rosalind, but she does not notice him, he will have much grief. Romeo's cousin Benvolio has a solution: they go together to the masked ball of the Capulets. Julia is thirteen years old. The father of Julia, a man chosen for her: Count Paris. Julia is not in love with him. Because it is a masquerade, the two men inside easily. When Romeo and Juliet meet each other they are right for each other. When the mask of Benvolio accidental head is removed, it is revealed that they are not Capulets and are removed from the ball. Yet worked Benvolio's plan. Romeo is in love again. After they were thrown out of the castle, Romeo goes to the garden of the Capulet family. He sees Julia stand on the balcony. This is the famous balcony scene. The next day married Romeo and Juliet in secret. Romeo goes back home he meets a cousin of Juliet. A fight breaks out. From both families dies a person. Romeo has killed someone, so he should not enter the area where he lives. Romeo and Juliet rather die than that they can not be together. Julia makes a plan. She obtains a drink, if they are taking, they seem dead, but after a few days she will awaken again. Meanwhile, there is a party organized for the wedding between Paris and Juliet. The evening before the wedding Juliet takes the potion. There is a way to write Romeo where the plan is in, but the letter never arrives at Romeo. Though he received the news that Julia is deceased. Romeo buys strong poison. He returns to Juliet and takes beside her tomb in the poison. When Juliet awakes she sees Romeo lying dead beside her. She stabs herself with Romeo's dagger. When this story became known connecting the two families of peace.

Place and time

The story is set in Renaissance Verona and Mantua in Italy. The Renaissance is the time when the book was written. Shakespeare shows Romeo and Juliet live in very different worlds. Romeo's life is carefree and takes place in a male world with much violence. Julia is well protected, they should almost never the home of her father. The only place they can go, is the church of the monk Lawrence. This is the only place where the worlds of Romeo and Juliet crosses.


Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy such as the full title suggests. It begins with the death of Mercutio. Because the love between Romeo and Juliet is thwarted by their parents they have to devise a plan so that they can still be together. Julia takes a drink making them appear dead. This plan, however badly giving Romeo really thinks she is deceased, he commits suicide. Juliet wakes up and sees him before she commits suicide.

Writing Style

The story is written as a play as iambic pentameter. The story is divided into five companies that are divided into five or six scenes. Some scenes are written in verse. In early Shakespeare is trying to give the impression that the story is a comedy. But after the death of Mercutio to turn it into a tragedy.

Title Statement

The title is clear throughout the story. It refers to the love between Romeo and Juliet in love with each other but can not be together, this is due to the feud between their two families.