Room rent through Wimdu

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Wimdu is an online platform where their private rooms, houses, etc. can offer for rental. Through the site of Wimdu, a tenant the property book immediately. The internet platform Wimdu brings worldwide holidaymakers, business travelers and private landlords in contact with each other. 97 465

What is Wimdu?

Wimdu is a central platform for rental of private accommodation of the most diverse nature and takes passengers to the providers of these shelters in contact. Whether it's a private getaway or a business trip, who appreciates an individual stay and not to stay in hotels, visit the online marketplace Wimdu a very diverse selection of unique accommodations around the world.
Wimdu lurks behind the German company Rocket Internet and Swedish investor Kinnevik, which earlier arrival of discount site Groupon to Europe financed, but also is responsible for the Netherlands only started online shoe shop Zalando. Kinnevik also owns newspaper publisher Metro.

What does Wimdu for landlords and guests?

On the site of Wimdu can be anyone apartment, house or a room made available to travelers. The elegantly furnished accommodations and valuable insider tips from the lessor tourists able to explore cities and countries as if they were local residents. Hence the slogan "Travel like a local". The property benefits from a profitable extra income and provides the traveler with valuable tips a unique perspective on his residence.

How is quality assured for tenants and landlords?

Safety and transparency play in this form of travel a major role:
  • interested parties receive advance all the necessary information such as a complete profile, photos and contact information;
  • Wimdu keeps the rent received first among themselves and only 24 hours of arrival will be paid out. Answers the accommodation does not meet the description the traveler gets his money back;
  • to make both parties a reliable and successful experience, landlords may require a security deposit;
  • landlords and guests can evaluate each other and leave comments in the assessment of Wimdu.

Wimdu in Netherlands

The originally German Wimdu operates more recently on the Dutch market. With the advent of Wimdu, from the stable of Groupon, we have a room in Netherlands mediator of stature on in an already crowded market. For although Wimdu is the first and only, but with a budget of over EUR 60 millions would be by far the strongest operator in the field of rented rooms.
Begun in March 2011 has now been 500 employees worldwide in service more than 150,000 rooms in 50 countries have gathered in a few months.

Which stands Wimdu room as mediator?

After having gained a firm foothold in countries like Germany, Spain and Portugal, is now in Amsterdam, a Dutch-Belgian branch of Wimdu rigged.
As well as other major players in this segment places providers themselves their room on the site and set the price for their offerings. But unlike other sites run then booking and payment through Wimdu, which involves previously 3% commission.
Guests immediately expect when booking with Wimdu, which holds the payment among themselves has checked into the guest. If there are problems with the accommodation offered or the tenant / user can block the payment.