Sadder than sad, Andromache

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Imagine that you are told that the Greeks are going to kill your son. Would you faithfully obey immediately and admit that you're nothing more for him to do? No! Of course you are fiercely against it and you will do anything to protect your child! Andromache, however, does not know how and lies down with it. If it really needs to be done, they kill him, she thinks. Andromache, as it shows a helpless, weak woman, not for her rights and feelings to dare to come.
?? Oh dear, my precious treasure, ?? she says, ?? You will be slain by the enemy and let your mother here miserably behind. Your father's heroism that saved so many others, will cost you life. His courage is yours, his son become fatal. ?? She says so, it is the fault of Hector, Astyanax ?? s father, is that Astyanax will now be slain. She drowns herself by these words actually herself in her own grief. Astyanax she puts a guilt trip on, saying that he will leave her in the lurch. That is extremely weak with Andromache. ?? In vain you in diapers so fed up by these chest, for nothing I have toiled and I am tormented by pain. ?? She says that she has done a lot of effort to bring the youngsters and that's all been for nothing. As a mother you would because you got all this trouble, also need to make every effort to give your child a longer life. You must stand up for your child and should draw nothing from the Greeks in this case. And another maybe you can still make a compromise with them.
When Andromache told that Hector in the war came, she burst into tears as expected. Then she saw Hector ?? s corpse, which was towed to a number of times in the chariot of Achilles, she fainted. Andromache is a very emotional woman who goes all the problems out of the way and do not themselves trying to solve. Because when Hector told her he was going to leave her before the war, because of his own interest, she gave no decisive arguments to let him stay. She let on that she did not like it and knew very well that they could not cope alone. Yet they did not take the initiative to him expense-what-it-expense contradict to let him stay. She spoke ?? foolhardy man of courage you'll be dead again, and with your child and with me, unhappy, you have no mercy, I will miss you soon ??. Here she admitted that the war could bring him to z ?? s end and she adapted but in effect to. Until they actually saw her lying dead body. When she nevertheless felt regret and never stopped crying.
On each image you can imagine where Andromache at state, she is sad. People all things in life can only experienced negative, are not strong. Andromache her entire life powerless and trying to get nowhere participation. She has no influence on society. Even with her beloved Hector dares to speak few words. How would they ever be able to stand up for themselves?
In short, Andromache never pursued her own goal and dropped everyone z ?? n will impose. They also entered the consequences all the problems out of the way and noticed after a while of her - not - act. She approached all events from a negative point of view, trying to cope with her feelings by pointless to complain and cry. Its adaptability was great, but just because she could do not to feel happy! Therefore Andromache was not a strong woman in her time.