Safe anti-itching in the genital area

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Itch! Many people are already scratching at hearing the word itch or if they just think already itching. Itch is annoying, but especially when it is in the pubic area and around the anus. However, there are a lot of safe agents that can be used on these parts of the skin, without having to be gripped directly to a variety of chemical means.

What is the problem with itching in the genital area?

Itching or irritation in the genital area is usually caused by the fungus tinea cruris. But also can cause the athlete's foot tinea pedis. This fungus sometimes extends to the genital area. Other causes include a fungal or a bacterial infection or just skin irritation. The pubic area is a hot, sticky sweat spot where a lot of friction occurs so there arise quickly skin problems.

Herbal remedies that go against mold

There are a lot of resources that you can make at home from herbs that go against mold. In thyme is thymol which is an antifungal agent. You can make thyme tea by adding two tablespoons of fresh or dried thyme in a cup of boiling hot water. You let it take over twenty minutes and cool before using. The thyme tea you bring with cotton wool on irritated skin.
Ginger contains more than twenty antifungal substances and is therefore very effective against fungi. Rasp thirty grams of ginger and add it to a cup of boiling hot water. Let twenty minutes and cool before using. Bring the ginger tea with cotton wool to the skin.
Licorice is used for centuries in Chinese medicine used to treat itching and is mold resistant. Add six teaspoons of licorice powder to a cup of boiling hot water. Let twenty minutes and put the cooled tea with cotton to.
Tea tree oil is a means which cleanses the skin and disinfection of germs and fungi. Apply three times a day a layer of oil on the skin. Do this for two weeks after the itch is gone. If irritation does the pure oil, the oil must be mixed first with a fatty vegetable oil or cream. You can then ten drops of oil mixed with eg. Two tablespoons of marigold cream and then lubricate twice a day in the pubic area. Tea tree oil should never be taken orally.
Vinegar is an acidic liquid and here keep bacteria and fungi do not. Apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy for itching in the pubic area, only if the skin is not damaged. Apply it once a day with cotton wool on irritated skin.
The right clothes
Wear broad, flexible clothing that is not too tight. Tight clothing causes the skin can not breathe and especially in the pubic area created here heat and sweat. This involves scalding and this aggravates the itch. Cotton underwear is best to wear. Namely cotton will easily absorb moisture and protects the skin.
Hygiene of the genital area
Keep the genital area clean and dry. If you have to walk quite a sweat, remove the wet clothing as soon as possible. Clean the skin and remove dry, clean underwear. Sweat is a great breeding ground for mold. Please also after swimming unnecessarily long on your swimsuit or swimming trunks. If you are suffering from a foot, it is advisable first to put on your socks. Pull your first example in your underwear, it can come in contact with your bare feet and so the fungus can also reach the pubic area.

Anal itching

Itching in or around the anus is a very annoying itching and often occurs in conjunction with rashes or hemorrhoids. If skin rash may occur because the anus is not cleared properly after defecation. At the anus which is very hairy, this is common, because there can be little bit of relief behind. Bacteria then take care of irritation and itching.
Softening in anal itching
If the itch comes from a wound to the anus like a crack or hemorrhoids, make sure it is first solved the underlying problem. Here are ointment or suppositories for. There are many products available that work anesthetic and anti-inflammatory and a little bit contain steroids. Wash the anus after each stool clean and lubricate the middle than on it. Do this every morning and every evening. It reduces itching and possible. swelling.
You can also three or four tablespoons of baking soda as add household soda or baking soda to a bath with so ?? s ten centimeters of warm water and sit here in fifteen minutes. This can alleviate skin irritations. The witch hazel is also a plant that purifies the skin. It provides for the removal of the substances that cause itching, but it also ensures that the swelling is reduced. You can apply witch hazel oil with cotton wool on irritated skin. It may sting a little in the beginning. You can do five or six drops of oil in a spray bottle with warm water and this after defecating or urinating applying to clean the perineum.
A warm tea bag can be used as astringent poultice to reduce itching and swelling. Use it just as you make tea. Pour boiling water over the tea bag in a mug? Let the bag in the water so that the work leaves in the bag. After four to five minutes gives you the bag from the mug and let it cool down to a comfortable temperature and pressure of the bag than a few minutes against the irritated spot.

Prevention is better than cure

Always have a clean anus. There must not be any remnants of feces. To avoid skin irritation you should use moistened toilet paper or use special wet toilet wipes. These wipes are available in many places. Prevent the pubic area and anus wet and sweaty. They should be dry and sweat free. Dry it with a hair dryer if necessary, or dab the places with baby or talcum powder. No tight underwear, preferably loose cotton clothes and avoid the days of tights ?? s.
Itching and irritation of the anus, avoid the use of acidic foods such as citrus fruits or spicy foods. The oil in coffee beans may also have an irritating effect on the skin, do not drink more than two cups of coffee per day, or try the coffee to stand for a while. Preferably use any detergents or scented bath products. This can also give skin irritations. Was the genital area just with lukewarm water. In some cases, itching is a complaint of a serious condition such as diabetes or cancer. If you have itching and blood or secretions or you feel a lump, but a hemorrhoid, then go right past your doctor.