Salbutamol: a drug for asthma and COPD

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During an asthma attack tense the muscles of the airways, which can cause serious trouble. Asthma is triggered by certain stimuli such as smoke, exercise or an allergic reaction. Often chosen for inhalation with an agent that widens the airways, such as albuterol. This can be used during an attack and has a rapid onset of action. Doctors prescribe this drug for asthma and in COPD.

What happens in asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the airways that is not yet cured. During an asthma attack the muscles of the airways together and swells the mucous membrane, causing you get it oppresses, shortness of breath and coughing. In some periods, you are sensitive, for example if you have a cold, so the risk is increased in an attack. It can also develop as a result of exercise or irritants such as smoke or materials which you are allergic. As the airways become inflamed, they are irritable, contract the muscles, increases the production of mucus, and breathing will be difficult. Sometimes you can hear wheezing. The attack can be so severe that it is life threatening.
Allergic reactions can be caused by pollen, pet dander, mold or dust mites. To avoid an asthma attack, you can avoid the most allergic stimuli as possible. Do not smoke and try not to smoke along with others. Make sure you are in a good condition so you better at physical exercise. Asthma also occurs in children. They may be listless and lethargic with a wheezing or grunting breathing. While playing with other children, they sometimes racing and cycling strike.


The full name for COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, the English term for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Previously, this condition was called CARA where asthma has also been subject, but officially no longer used this expression. Previously sometimes spoken of chronic bronchitis or emphysema. In COPD, the airways are permanently narrowed and many suffer from mucus in the airways, so you need a lot of coughing. Patients suffering from COPD, are always stuffy. Periods may be times when symptoms get worse or improve somewhat.
The cause of this disease is usually damage to the airways, which is usually caused by years of heavy smoking. It can also occur if you have worked long term in an environment containing dust particles. There are not only defects in the large and small airways as well as the lung tissue and the blood vessels in the lungs have been damaged. By chronic inflammation of the lung tissue, it continues to function less well and increased symptoms and discomfort. Usually develop symptoms after forty years and will pass a cold less likely.


This drug causes the air pipes are made wider and it is used in case of trouble, such as in asthma and COPD may be the case. The active ingredient in this drug is salbutamol. This is at some asthma attacks the case, and the use of salbutamol is an emergency handle. Within minutes, the contraction will be lifted, allowing the patient to breathe again. The agent enhances a certain part of the nervous system, through which the air pipes relax and widen. A person who is in control of his asthma, will generally be satisfied with inhaled corticosteroids and requires little to no salbutamol. The operation of salbutamol maintained for about four hours. If it works less than three hours, then you may need a different dose or agent.


As with any medication, it may cause side effects. The sensitivity to stimuli is not eliminated by salbutamol. There are other means, such as respiratory protectors. In some cases, it can give side effects to the heart. There may be heart palpitations and trembling hands emerge. If these side effects after two weeks treatment, the doctor should be consulted. It may be that the dose of the drug is too high. Other side effects may include coughing and headache.