Save energy recovery

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We all have a high efficiency boiler, which allows the central heating with hot water is provided. That way it stays also during the bleak and cold weather nice pleasant warm and comfortable home. That, however, requires energy in the form of gas. In order to save it may be useful to apply a number of techniques. In what ways can you save on home energy bills and how can by recovering the energy bill will be lower?

Recovering energy

  • How do you keep the heat in your home?
  • Other considerations in house
  • Energy from vapor
  • Balanced ventilation
  • Renewable energy is not something?

How do you keep the heat in your home?

The first premise is that you love as much as possible energy at home. That means that there is sufficient insulation measures must be present so that the house loses little energy. Especially when it's cold outside can reduce energy consumption so much good insulation saves on costs. It is important to this end:
  • roof insulation to apply: this is the most important form of insulation because heat rises and normally leave the house through the roof. Especially in older homes, this is of great importance;
  • cavity wall insulation means the transition from inside to outside is made of a stone wall with spacing and again a stone wall. That space is called the cavity and forms an air barrier against the cold. Only cavity wall insulation to make you lose less energy through the outer walls;
  • crawl space or ground floor insulation.

Other considerations in house

Besides insulation is also important to check off the following items for yourself at home:
  • make sure the high efficiency boiler is technically sound in order. Let the boiler checked every year for faults. A malfunctioning boiler offers a poor return on the gas consumed;
  • the water pressure in the central heating system must be adjusted. This also means that a regular check of the radiators on air buildup. Too much air in the radiators ensures that hot water can not be circulated properly, reducing the effectiveness of the heater is reduced;
  • the expansion vessel should be checked if it still works well. If the membrane is snapped then overprinted be derecognized;
  • Make sure windows and doors close properly. When cracks, it is important to seal this with a rubber strip in such a way that there is no loss of heat.
In what ways you can save additional energy by already regaining energy used?

Energy from vapor

Normally in a high efficiency boiler water heated by gas. Excess heat is removed by means of vapor to the outside world. Every time the boiler strike to make hot water, there is energy loss. It can be recovered by a heat recovery system. To this end, vapor is led by a coil with pipe cooler in which water flows so that the water is warmer. Accordingly, with a slight adjustment to the existing boiler is removed from a much better return to dissipate vapors. Naturally, this principle also applies to hot vapor, which are removed before cooking or showering.

Balanced ventilation

An already heated house should be ventilated. To this end, one can open a window, but this effect may also be a balanced ventilation system can be used. That is, to discharge air to first pass air is going to perform. It is a separate system but energy ?? read heat ?? of the air to be discharged is thereby transferred to the air to conduct. In other words that part need not be heated again. Only with adequate ventilation to prevent heat from old to new air is transferred.

Renewable energy is not something?

In addition to above methods, it is also useful to reflect on sustainable energy. Solar panels, solar radiation absorbing film for flat roofs, etc. can ensure that you get lots of energy from the sun. All energy that catch is in fact free so you can get a sustainable household. Beware also convenient modern techniques, so you possibly can realize an energy-neutral home. Produce more energy than can be found also that you that consumes then it is possible to supply energy to the energy.