Save money and the environment

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Suddenly less income or a big expense in prospect? In this time you can increase unfortunately no mortgage and borrow money is not an attractive option. So we are trying to save money together. But how can you live as cheaply as possible?


  • Use your car as little as possible. Take the bike more often, even to go shopping.
  • Carpool to get to work saves both money and the environment.
  • By public transport to travel to work is reimbursed for 100%.
  • Good old-fashioned Saturday morning car wash instead of going to the car wash, there is also an environmental and cost savings.
  • Watch your tire pressure. Driving around with underinflated tires cost you more fuel and tires wear faster.
  • Check with the car importer how often you should have a turn. Many garages let you come back needlessly every year for a turn. For many car ?? s low mileage is no longer needed and is once every two years is sufficient.
  • Try to get in the hands of the maintenance manual of your car. Some can be found on the Internet and user-replaceable parts with this step-by-step guide will save loads of money.
  • New tires need? Never be replaced by your own garage. See if you can order them in Germany and delivered to a Dutch garage and replaced. You'll be surprised how much that will save.
  • It is worthwhile to take a closer look at car insurance, the premium differences are huge.
  • Get your car regularly empty. In many people there from all winds by the car. Every kilo weight that transports costs extra fuel so do not take unnecessary stuff.


  • Keep doors and windows closed and prevent drafts for instance by using weather stripping. Do ?? evening the curtains, they keep out the cold.
  • Set the thermostat one degree lower and draw a thick sweater. Make sure the heater ?? night still burns between 15 and 17 degrees is fine. It takes a lot of energy to heat up a cold room, more than it costs to keep a room temperature.
  • Make sure your energy bill can not be cheaper at another supplier.
  • Insulate pipes in crawl space or basement and paste radiator foil behind the radiator.
  • Put lights in rooms you are not dry laundry outside, throw your dishwasher out. It was only when your washing machine is full.
  • Regularly clean the freezer and refrigerator clean, they consume less energy. Did you know that a full refrigerator consumes less energy? Put if necessary a few extra packs drink in.
  • Where possible, use energy-saving lamps or LED lighting.


  • Turn it off when not in use.
  • Purchase as many free or open source ?? or ?? software. From nearly every package is to find a free version.
  • Use the computer to turn unneeded stuff on marketplace and to shop there for new cheap second hand stuff.
  • Obtain an accounting program and go budgeting. Free accounting ?? s are: osFinancials, Mill7 of Speed ​​Balance.
  • Internet calling is free.


Going on vacation is quite expensive, but we all know that children stay at home is not an attractive option. How do you go as cheap as possible holiday?
You can try to swap your home through a home exchange site. You set your own house available and goes himself for several weeks in the house of someone else.
Camping, nice primitive in a tent, is and remains the cheapest holiday and children often find it absolutely fantastic. Especially the campsite or on a farm in the garden are cheap.


Your hair cut is a bit tricky but after a little practice it is quite possible to cut the hair of your children and your spouse. And do not forget the dog. Beautiful practice object and the dog groomer is often more expensive than the ordinary ?? ?? hairdresser.
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