Save more money in ten steps

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Save money, who would not? A famous saying is "at the end of my money, I always have a little over month. So it's nothing to be ashamed of, because with the right measures, you can save tens of euros per month. With these ten steps, you can easily save money so you never with trembling hands at the cash register is wondering if your balance is sufficient!

Gain insight into your spending and income

It may sound like a truism, but it is very important that you know where your money goes exactly to. Some expenses are fixed, such as your rent or mortgage. Yet there are many expenses that vary each month, and that's what just where you can save! The easiest technique to understand your finances is to keep a cashbook for a certain time. This can also now online, for example, with the free site Afas Personal, announced the program "A dime on its head." So you can see exactly where your money is going, and how much.

Analyze your income and expenses

Now you got a view of your income and expenses, it is wise to take these good look under the microscope. You will find that there are many so-called creeping cost. These are expenses that seem very innocent at the time of purchase, but in the meantime take a big bite out of your monthly budget. Think for example of a daily sandwich with coffee Shop at work or a magazine for Sunday afternoon.
Also means you're at when you compare the categories of all your expenses with what most people spend on things like groceries, insurance or household products. If you find you spend above average to something, you can see how focused you are going to save money!

Analyze your insurance

Many people are unnecessarily high or many things assured unnoticed. Here is to save money with the following points:
  • Ultimately, however some insurance really necessary: ​​a contents insurance against fire or burglary, health insurance, liability insurance and buildings insurance if you own a property. Go critically at yourself whether you everything does not fall within this list does really need.
  • If you have travel insurance, check if it is not already covered by your health insurance.
  • Make a comprehensive list of things for which you are covered by any insurance. This allows you to avoid double insurance or even insurance.
  • You have to arrange to multiple insurance policies with the same insurance company, then it is probably if not discount!

Where did you entitled to?

Many people run every year hundreds of euros wrong simply because they do not know where they are entitled to. Did you know that you can be forgiven of all municipal taxes? Also, you can sometimes receive a contribution for certain things, so there's care benefit, child budget, rent allowance and childcare allowance. To check whether you are entitled to it's best to look on the website of the tax surcharge.

Save on groceries

A major expense for most people every month groceries. But many do not realize that this is a cost that much can be saved! Here you will find a few practical tips to save on groceries:
  • Make a shopping list and promise yourself that you will buy anything more than what's on your shopping list.
  • Do not shop when you're hungry. You'll be more likely to give in to impulse buying.
  • The most expensive products are always at eye level. The upper and lower shelf you will find the cheaper brands, which often come from the same factory as the top brands!
  • Take advantage of offers. It is very worth every week to sift through the folders looking for deals. Stunts as supermarkets sometimes with 1 + 1 free actions. If you find a beneficial action on a product you need very often it is sometimes wise to buy greater quantities and possibly freezing.
  • Buy in bulk packaging. Smaller portions are frequently comparatively much more expensive. It is also advisable to buy uncut vegetables
  • Buy canned vegetables. It might not be as nice, but it is just as healthy as fresh vegetables.
  • Plan one vegetarian day a week. Meat is very expensive, and even a simple measure as one vegetarian meal a week you can save a lot of money. Also, you may find it awfully tasty new dishes this way!

Save on gas and electricity

Although prices for gas and electricity are largely established by law, there are prize fighters joined in the market for gas and electricity. It is useful to check whether a switch to another energy company can be advantageous for you. A useful comparison for this site Gaslight.

Alternatives to buy

Buying certain products may not be necessary at all. For example if you like to read you can look into your circle of friends or family books lend to each other. This saves a lot of money by not buying everything yourself. If you have a book, after all, it still ends up frequently in the closet! This includes products such as DVDs and games. It can even furniture!

Miss Budget your income and expenses

Now that you have made savings is wise to check the amount you pull out of certain costs. So you can be every week an amount pins for groceries and is on .. This gives you good insight on how much you still have to spend some things.

Shop wisely

Everyone has occasional new clothes need or want to buy something nice, that you should definitely be able to continue if you want to save anyway! Because of this it is wise to budget a realistic amount for things like clothing and leisure. If you want to buy something new, it is useful to check a few things to yourself:
  • I really need this? A very easy question to ask yourself, and it can save you a lot of money. Do I really want this pair of shoes ?? 100, - or do I settle for the other pair which cost much less? I will use this real? Is it worth the money for me?
  • Spend money you do not have. So never buy anything in installments or with borrowed money, thus you can easily get into debt.
  • Never allow red. This will cost you loads of money!

Save conscious

If you have successfully put through savings like you obviously extra money. This money can be used to buy something nice, but it is wise to start saving too. If you put money in a savings account to build your interest and you always have money on hand. If you do not come to stand for unforeseen expenses that you can not pay, such as a broken washing machine.

The insight on your income and expenses

If you have made changes to save money you've only got half the job done. It is now the trick is to keep it in the holes remain. Keep the cash book you previously created to track and take action if you threaten to go back into the fog. Saving is not easy because it often means that you have to make changes in your life, but it's well worth it!