Saving tips: Amusement park and zoo visit

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Saving tips are always welcome, because the effects of the financial crisis in the Netherlands are still very noticeable. It is not clear for everybody to be so easy to come around every month. This while, your family will offer the same as before the credit crisis. Trips and amusement park visits seem then almost impossible. Especially because the entrance fees every season go up sharply. Nevertheless, there are several tips to save that theme also visit with making a low-budget possible The number of households in the Netherlands with big debts. The end of 2010 1.9 million households were in arrears. Of these, about 700,000 households have problem debts. It shows once again that the purchasing power of Dutch households is under great pressure. In the spring of 2011 also seem to agree the prices of various amusement parks to rise sharply. This makes it look for many Dutch an impossible thing to go out another day with the whole family. Fortunately, there are at this time still many opportunities for free days out with children and there are also many opportunities to save your theme park visit.

Saving tips

National Amuse Menten Only
For only ?? 15 per year, you are in possession of a National Amuse Menten Pass, afgekord the NAPPA. As a holder of this pass, you and three friends or relatives, using several high discounts at 50 different entertainment options, including prep arks and dierentuienen. With the use of the NAPPA can drop you off at one of the parks connected at one time rise to 40 euros a visit with four people. So you buy the NAPPA already recouped at once.
Connected parks are o.a:
  • Madame Tussauds Amsterdam 25% p.p.
  • Amsterdam Dungeon 25% p.p
  • Dippie Doe Cuijk 15% p.p.
  • Drouwenerzand park ?? 0.50 p.p.
  • Family Park Dippie DoeBest ?? 1.50 p.p.
  • Billy Bird Park Hemelrijk Volkel ?? 1.50 p.p.
  • Linnaeushof Bennebroek ?? 1.00 p.p.
  • Indoor Skydive Roosendaal ?? 10.00 p.p.

3 parks pass
If you like a pretparkbezoekt regularly is the third parkenpas an ideal and inexpensive option. The three parks pass you on ?? 89 per person a year sway and sway. The three parks until you've got a really year unlimited entrance to Walibi World, the Dolphinarium, and the Hellendoorn Adventure for the fixed one-time entrance fee of ?? 89.
Zoodiac Zoos
A subscription to one of the parks Zoos Zoodiac you a year of free access to all four parks. In advance, the parks have often spectacular discounts on these parks subscriptions so you after two visits to the price there already have out. Plus you get a discount on the subscription sheet, allowing you to also free with wheelchair get on the bird park and Archeon AviFauna.
Air Miles
For a starting price of ?? 2.50 you with various companies including Albert Heijn save Air Miles. With this Air Miles you can get significant discounts on eg toegansbewijzen for various amusement parks.
Several possibilities are:
  • Walibi Holland 1800 Air Miles + ?? 12.50
  • Walibi Holland 3050 Air Miles free access
  • Winter Efteling 1400 Air Miles + ?? 15.00

Auction Sites
Tegewoordig offers various Internet auction sites online where you can bid on hotel stays, bungalows, but also toegansbewijzen for various amusement parks. This provides the advantage can be substantial.
Please while still offering the original entry price of that park in mind. In addition, the auction sites often bring administration costs, which you should take into account.
Several supermarkets have annual savings campaigns. Allows you sometimes when you can save wekelijkes messages for free tickets or senior discounts at various amusement parks and zoos.
Some CURRNT discount actions on tickets for theme parks:
  • On Easter Sunday, Sunday, April 24th, 2011, you and SBS6 to Slagharen. The former Pony Park Slagharen it on that day a great Passover 40,000 hid Easter eggs. Free tickets for amusement Slagharen are available through the website.
  • By supermarket chain Lidl, you can now buy discount cards for Slagharen. The cost is E10, - per person.
  • Coffee brand Douwe Egberts has a savings actions for the second ticket free at various theme parks.

When you are looking after reading this article for more tips to save and free and cheap holidays and outings. Can you take a look at the Special and save money.