Saving tips for students

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Students are not well off, today of all. For that reason, this article attempts to enumerate some saving tips for students that are directly applicable to daily life and who have little or no effort. Some of you may have already thought of it, others might not.

Finance & Insurance

  • Take a student account with online banking. All the major banks offer it. This way you avoid having to pay for your debit card and other services. Also, you can often request a free credit card. Note that banks require proof of registration at an institution of higher education often. Sometimes this is a copy of your student card / certificate of registration, but sometimes you have on the account that you also receive student opens.
  • Take a student health insurance or a youth health insurance. The big insurance companies all have special packages for young people and / or students. Sometimes it saves a few euros a month, but remember that you pay it each month, for years. The actual saving can thus reach best.

Telephony, television and Internet

  • There are telecom providers, often in the case of student complexes, extra cheap packages for Internet, television and telephone offer. Do not automatically accept the offer of the provider that you get with your lease, but google just to see which providers there are more in your neighborhood.
  • The cheapest is usually a package for Internet, television and telephone in one take. Many students think they do not need a landline, but the cost of a mobile phone may seem expensive when you call every evening at home. Calling a landline is much cheaper and sometimes you do not even pay extra for the connection when you internet and television decreases.

Gas, Water, Electricity

Saving on these issues is of course quite simple and besides good for your wallet too good for the environment. Here are a few simple tips:
  • Make your water-saving faucets! This may simply buy an attachment at the hardware store! You can also purchase a water-saving showerhead.
  • Close the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Do not wash the dishes under running water, but make soapy water. Do not have a stopper at hand, then a bucket can also help.
  • Place an alarm clock in the bathroom and put it on the maximum number shower minutes before showering. You may think you are very quickly in the shower, but unnoticed stand most people do more than they think in the shower.
  • Turn off the heating in general not too high. How nice it must be to after a long day at home just nice to put the heat high, it's not good for the environment, your wallet and your body. Yes, even your body. It is healthier to just relax pulling a sweater than to turn the heat high. Also you avoid so that your hair and skin from drying out unnecessarily.
  • The heating layer when no one is home. The most effective is to put the thermostat in the cold months by a degree or 16C when no one is home. In this way it stores most of the time not to, but it does not take so long for him to warm up again when you get home and turn on him. Do you have your own thermostat knob on the radiator in your heating may also take only low. When the summer heat is obviously out of the way!
  • Put the radiator on winter evenings an hour before you go to sleep low. The heat will remain suspended for at least one hour, and so it is not necessary that hour to have on the heater. In addition, it is proven that you sleep better in a cool room, so foolhardy could maybe put him already low.
  • Close the curtains when it gets dark. When it gets dark and the temperature drops outside, the temperature difference between outside and inside so bigger, allowing more heat than usual leaking from your home. By the curtains you will avoid some of the heat away and can save you so back on your heating bill. In addition, it prevents snoops to be lurking inside!
  • Paste heat reflective foil behind your radiators. This is just available in the building for a few euros and allows you to firing is not the piece of wall behind your radiator for nothing is too warm, but the heat instead returned to the room in which it rebounds.
  • Paste heat reflective film on your windows. Again, this is available just in the construction market and does basically the same as the foil behind the radiator, only it is transparent, so you can see just by your window.
  • Avoid drafts! Also prevent drafts can promote namely a pleasant climate at home and at the same time bring the energy bills. Trip strips you can buy for a few euros in any hardware store. In your mailbox, you can install the brushes if that still does not sit.
  • Turn off the light when no one is in the room.
  • Do not leave chargers plugged in. They still use electricity! This is called standby power.
  • Turn on as many devices as you are not using them. Minimize the standby button. First shortens the life of the unit if he long standby, secondly do you still standby consumption. In the case of the computer, research has shown that if you do not use the computer for more than 40 minutes, so for example if you are going to have lunch, then you better switch off the appliance. It is more energy efficient to silence him and to start again when you go back to work than to him or Sleep / Hibernate to leave. Are you going alone to the mailbox or something like that, then it is better to put him on as sleep or hibernation.
  • Boil together. It obviously takes a lot less gas for cooking a pot of pasta for four than four times a pan of pasta for one person.
  • Do not cook for each cup of tea with a can of water. Take at the start of the morning or afternoon a large pot of tea and keep it in a thermos. The next three hours it is nice and warm. If you're a tea cozy over it can make you look even longer participate.

Do shopping and errands

  • Do not be lazy and do not just go to the supermarket dichtsbijzijndste, but look what else is. On the internet you can easily find out which is the cheapest. Sometimes you can go for the cheap one product type to the one supermarket and the other product type you might be able to get better along the other go. .
  • Scrape the No / No-sticker on your letterbox down and comb through the brochures for listings. Just work, but it definitely pays off. .
  • Boil together. Not only does this save you on gas, but also at the expense of the meal itself. You throw at the end of the day, often much less away, saving considerably on the cost of the meal. Also cost relatively higher amounts just less than small amounts in the supermarket. And last but not least, there are fewer pans used for cooking and therefore save on the cost of the hot water.
  • Boil one or two times a week vegetarian. Firstly, this seems only to be healthy, and secondly so save your money because meat is often the most expensive part of the meal. A vegetarian meal can also want to agree quite tasty.
  • There are also shops that give discounts to students. This can always find on the Internet. Also, a good saving can be a CJP card. It costs only 15 euros per year and you get discounts in many shops.

Travel, culture and entertainment

  • Using the above CJP can also get discounts in other countries and on trips. Also, as a student in many museums in Holland and abroad often just show your student ID card and for a discounted price inside. Please always carry.
  • In university towns, some bars also serve beer for student fees and otherwise you can always go to the reception or party of your study, which also often beer at a bargain price is offered. Cozy does not have to be expensive!
  • Some cinemas also give discounts to students or CJP cardholders. If you often go to the movies, it cares nice.
  • If you want to eat outside the door is the university's cafeteria cheapest, besides of course the snack bar. But in both cases, the quality of the food is not always good and a good tip is also to look on the Internet for deals on restaurants. There are sites that every day in various cities in the Netherlands have new offers.

Sport and grooming

  • A self-respecting student also will come good for the day, whether or not money in the account. So there must be the entire exercise and there should be gone to the hairdresser and perhaps, for the ladies, should also be visited sometime beautician. Again, this is all for less than the normal price.
  • In university towns are often hairdressers who give student discount upon presentation of a student card.
  • There are also some beauty salons that have such a scheme.
  • Furthermore, any self-respecting university sports center. So say your subscription for that expensive gym and look at the site of your college what they offer. Most offer a range of activities and facilities for a price that's often less than half than what you pay regular.
  • Most often, the Internet also offers vouchers for gyms, hairdressers and beauty salons to buy for a bargain price. So you can still look good for that one party!