Saving with children 10 tips

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Children and save two things that seem difficult merge. You need all kinds of things to buy: food, school supplies, clothing, etc. Furthermore, you will from time to time a day out or eat out with the kids, they have pocket money, you name it. There are a lot of costs, but by good look at the various cost is certainly necessary to save it. Here are 10 tips to reduce the expenses of your family

Tip 1: Spending money

Give your children pocket money and agree that they are there certain things themselves should purchase. Examples of things they have to pay are gifts for friends, candy, food in the school canteen and expenses related to going out. That way you've lost a fixed amount per month - you know exactly where you stand. Also, teach your child to deal responsibly with money: your son or daughter will have a better idea of ​​what things cost and develops a sense that you can only spend money once.

Tip 2: Errands

Take your children if possible not go to the supermarket. In the supermarket you can easily spend more than you planned. And that's certainly true if you have children with you who see all kinds of goodies.
When you bring your children, when shopping, make a clear agreement about whether or not self figure out something. Let your child might help you pick out something delicious with coffee and shows - if your child that age to have - what the price differences between different products. Read more about how you can save on groceries.

Tip 3: Second hand clothes

Children often outgrow their clothes before they are worn. For example is also offered many children who still looks very nice. By buying second-hand clothes, you can save a lot of money. Itself of course you can offer children. Especially if it's clothes, you can sometimes get a nice amount.

Tip 4: Amusement parks and zoos

When the whole family is a day at an amusement park or zoo, which often costs a lot of money. You can often save on the entrance by searching the Internet for discount coupons. Vouchers for half price are not always to be found, but there are often to be found with some searching actions that you get a few euros per person discount.

Tip 5: Bread to school

Teach your children to bring food from home to school. In a school canteen are you so a few euros spent on a full meal every day spend 2 euros per annum is almost 400 euros. Bring money to school to buy food is obviously not a mortal sin, but try not to let your child make a habit of.

Tip 6: Dining out

Go with a whole family eating out can be very expensive. With four people you're in a restaurant soon 100 euros. Kids love eating often very nice, but McDonald's and similar chains to score while generally very high. But you are often for less than 10 euros per person ready. Another alternative is to make home a party of eating: together with your kids pick out a dish and cook together, compose a menu, lighting candles, etc.

Tip 7: Create Free Fun

Not all fun things need to cost. For example you can with your kids play a game, take a walk, go to the park, etc.

Tip 8: School Stuff

That children who go to high school, school supplies need is a given: it can not exist without calendars, notebooks, calculator, protractor, etc. The amount you have to spend it is not fixed, however. For example, by storing in the Action school supplies, you can save tens of euros. Real expensive products, such as Big Bosatlas or graphical calculators are often used to get, for example marketplace.

Tip 9: Say no and explain why

Children may sometimes want all kinds of products and a widely used argument to get it is that others have too. As a parent you should carefully consider what is required, what is nice and what is sensible. You also need to say no and have what others do not all have to have you. It is however important that you explain why you do not buy anything. Make your child aware of money, the price of products and the fact that when you spend money on something you can not buy anything else.

Tip 10: Let your children help

Some savings that you can do in your household, costs extra time. Consider the use was hanging on the clothesline instead of the dryer and do the dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher. You can instruct your children in this type of household chores to help. For example, let them take turns helping each evening to dry. That way you save money and time and you teach your children wear a piece of responsibility for the household.