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Are you looking for plastic windows, a new dormer or aluminum frames? Schipper frames is a company which specializes in various kinds of frames. Schipper joinery works on commission for individuals and businesses. Do you want new windows but do not know which one? Then find out more once by Schipper frames.

Plastic frames

Nowadays, many people choose plastic frames. The advantage of plastic frames is that the frames lifelong come along. Also, you do not maintain more to the window frames. You do not have to paint or other maintains commit to your window frames. Skipper frames uses K-vision plastic frames. These frames are durable, easy to maintain and provide good insulation.

Aluminum frames

Aluminum frames is a good choice for large window surfaces. Aluminum frames are maintenance free and dirt-repellent. The aluminum frames are available in all RAL colors. Aluminum frames have a very long life because the frames are 100% recyclable.

Sliding doors

For a new sliding windows you can go to Schippers. You can choose from three types of sliding doors at Schippers frames. You can choose a standard aluminum sliding doors, sliding a plastic or a plastic or aluminum lift sliding doors.

French doors

Skipper frames provides plastic and aluminum doors to garden. Patio door to see which best suits you, you can go to the local Showroom Schipper frames. There is staff on hand to advise you what the pros and cons sense of a plastic and aluminum patio door. You can also see the different models and colors in the showroom of Schipper frames.

Front doors

Skipper frames offers three different types of plastic doors. You can choose from SK front doors, front doors and Egtis Polytec front doors. SK for doors plastic doors of own manufacture by Schipper frames. You have a wide choices of front doors at Schipper frames.


Schipper frames dormers are almost always supplied in plastic since this material is durable and low maintenance. A dormer is ideal for example, an attic or office. A dormer window provides additional space and more natural light. Skipper puts a dormer windows within one day.

Service and maintenance

Schipper frames has its own service and maintenance department. For warranty and maintenance, please contact the service department of Schipper frames. Optionally, choose preventive maintenance to your window frames. This means that it is maintained annually or biannually committed to your frames by Schipper frames. For repairs and also damage your windows, you can go to Schippers frames. If you opt for a maintenance contract, you will receive a 15 year warranty on your plastic frames.

Request quote

Skipper frames via the website, you can request a free quotation. You can also contact us via any of the showrooms in the Netherlands.
In Opmeer, Amstelveen, Gouda, Zwolle and Groningen find a showroom Schipper frames.