Self build waterworks

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A water pipe laying is easy to do yourself. With the right tools and materials goes a long way. Think in advance if you want to use copper tubing or plastic water pipe. The latter is easier to process and can also be connected to existing copper tube. Follow the below steps for installing a water line to achieve a good end result.

Different types of water

A water pipe may consist of several types of material. Traditionally, there is a water supply system of copper tubes. From the water meter goes through different branches of the water through the housing. Nowadays increasingly used plastic pipes. Plastic water pipe is much more flexible than the old copper pipe. Also, plastic pipe is easier to process. Combinations of copper tube and plastic tube in the house are certainly possible. There are different connectors in order to fasten together the two materials.

Roadmap waterworks construction

Before you start the actual construction of the waterworks first create a leadership plan. A guidance plan is no more or less than a drawing or sketch showing all existing water lines have been drawn, if known. This is the basis from which you will draw the new lines. Do this in a different color so that you can continue to see the distinction between old and new pipes. You might also electricity and gas lines may be signs there, so you do not get messed up to sit with lay still in water. Also sign the main valve and the water meter on it. The pipe that lies off the water meter of the water company. There you are free to not arrive.
If you do not know exactly where the pipes run, you can use a pipe detector. This is a device that can see pipes in walls.

Start preparing

The first step in the construction of the water supply is shut off at the main valve. Then you can blank any lines run at the lowest point, which usually sits at the main valve in the neighborhood. First remove all the taps in the house. Usually there is already a lot of water from the pipes. Finally turn the tap open with a big bucket underneath. If it is good then all pipes empty!

Fitting Water Supply

After all the lines have drained the new stretch of water can be stopped. At a copper tube you can use the best compression fittings. These are easier to process than the soldering of tubes. With two ?? s wrench or a pipe wrench can you properly tighten the compression fitting.
Do you use plastic pipes then you need a press pliers. If you do not have one yourself then you can also rent one. With a press pliers pull up a plastic sleeve over a pipe end and a connector or end piece. Leakage is rare.

Put pressure on the waterworks

If the new piece of water pipe is mounted on the main valve can be turned on again. However, before you do this you check all faucets in the house. Turn them all closed, including the drains! Open the main valve carefully and see if you have a leak. Often emerge slowly drips water onto the compression fitting if something is not properly connected. Sometimes it takes several minutes.
If you've found that there is no leakage then you've connected everything properly and you can use the new stretch of water. Do not forget to update the plan, it can still come in handy again in the future!