SellaBand is crowdfunding for music lovers

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Lovers of music, paying attention. The traditional music industry was attacked by SellaBand on his own ground. Successful music publishing can now via SellaBand. There is thus no longer needed for traditional record. Even former Idols finalist Hind is now active on SellaBand. SellaBand is an example of crowdfunding via the Internet. Crowdfunding is getting down successfully used to raise money for music, movies or for example charities.

Record companies and crowdfunding

Record companies constantly complain bitterly. There's always something. The costs are too high and the sales of CD ?? s disappointing by internet. Not because the CD ?? s are generally expensive, but by the downloaders. According to the record companies at least.

Sellaband and crowdfunding

SellaBand has existed since 2006. Sellaband allows label boss is yourself. For only $ 10. SellaBand is an incredibly fun site, with player, artists and profiles of bands and artists. The site can be searched by artist name or genre. You can also communicate with each other.

Old concept

Normally go scouts the country in search of new talent. A kind of continuous Idols, with demos ?? s are listened to and after much ado is made by a record contact with the new artist. They may record an album and often are stuck with long-term contracts.

New concept of crowdfunding

Sellaband offers a completely new concept for the issue of music. By SellaBand namely determine the listeners decide which artists may record a CD. Without even one scout is involved. Who believes in an artist can invest $ 10. Because $ 50,000 dollars is needed for an album, so there are 5 000 investors, believers in the terminology of Sell Band, needed to record the new album.

The believers

The believers remain in control of their invested funds. They can always move along as an emerging talent better. If they think completely, they can make back the money deposit to the personal account. Charts on the site show how much money has been collected. More than 1500 artists in the cap placed their demo on the site and 10 have since been professionally produced.

The new contracts SellaBand

Once it so far that a CD will be produced, SellaBand can operate for one year the album. After that year may cease the artist with Sellaband and find its own way and still switch to another record. It will be clear that an artist who steps in successfully via SellaBand in a society more easily acquire a good contract, then someone who has to start from scratch.

Good investment

SellaBand distributes almost all revenues from the music and marketing among the musicians, Sellaband and believers. That is also smart, because then the believers will be more inclined to continue their activities. The same also goes for the musicians. With this concept, there are almost no losers. Not even the traditional pate banging, because they can now leave the scouting to the listeners of SellaBand.

The UK version of Internet shop Amazon has since announced it is working with the Dutch SellaBand.
On Amazon SellaBand gets its own music store. Moreover, given the bands that have reached $ 30,000 with Sellaband, $ 1,000 from Amazon. That can be a bit!