Sense and nonsense about belly fat

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It is sometimes said that belly fat can be dangerous and if we focus on obesity in general and abdominal fat in particular, can be stated that abdominal fat increased risk entails. The increased risk lies in a surplus of organ fat, something you do not see. What are the risk ?? s and what can you do about it? Legitimate questions for a problem ?? ?? where many a unnoticed affected.

Belly fat, what we are talking about exactly?

We all know that being overweight, and we're not so much talking about occasionally and kilos, is not good. It puts an extra strain on your entire body and therefore important to do something about it. Are you more slim, but you do have a little belly, then it makes sense to do something about it. They were based on 40% of thin people who suffer from an excess of organ fat. The reasons are not usually known, in which some doctors say that this may be genetically determined.
Storing fat
The body stores fat in two ways, namely directly beneath the skin, such as the hips, buttocks and abdomen. This is the visible fat and therefore if someone is thick, we are talking about. The other way, and this is much more stealthily, is what you do not see. We call the organ fat and can be found around the heart, stomach, lungs etc. It is obviously bad, you just do not see it and you do it so often. Today ?? insidious ?? aspect.
For the record, organ fat in itself is not bad. It protects the organs against bumps ?? ??. However, if you have too much of it, it can be a problem. The fact is that this dust creates as fat and fatty acids, hormones. These substances may affect the metabolism again. You have an increased risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2. In addition, the organs can not function properly.
Of organ fat to belly fat
What has all this to do with belly fat? Well, a belly is a clear indication that in addition to the belly too much fat is present around the organs. There are some standards that can handle roughly. If as a woman you have a much larger waist circumference of 80 cm and when man goes firmly beyond the 95 cm. The chance that you have too much than organ fat is considerable.

What is there to do?

Exercise and eat
Where it came from is often not known, but what you can do about it and the first is the largest open door ?? move, move very much and eat healthy. If you are going to exercise more intensely, the body speaks the reserves to generate enough energy for the body. The standard is still at least 30 minutes per day, but this is in order to keep up with it. If you have to make a kind of catch-up, make it one hour per day. This can be anything and count also quietly you several moments of intense move on. Where you grab all the bicycle, walk through nice when you go out to the dog show and if so, how do you walk or maybe anyway regularly nice walks? You are in a group where you are nice to the move, do a team sport, you run every now and then or pull your laps in the pool. But an hour of intensive work in the garden, you may have to add up.
There are in the gym also separate devices that are precisely targeted to get on the path of organ fat. The trainers who walk around, to know more about it. One example is the vibration plate, it is seen by many as a device that can help to get rid of organ fat excess.
Well, eat your fiber with plenty of fruits and vegetables and no snacks ?? ?? then really takes you off organ fat. No special diet powders or tablets, just healthy eating. Of course that's just ?? ?? not as common, but certainly if you are slim you think rather that extra ?? s does. However, nothing is less true. Do not do it just once a while and see what happens to your body slim.
Sleep and relax
What not everyone is aware that stress plays a role in the organ fat. Because stress can make you produce more cortisol which again ensures you extra organ fat stores. Relax regularly and make sure you avoid too long a stressful period. You walk there still against it ?? make sure at least tightly for great relaxation. But you can also regularly meditate, do some yoga exercises daily in peace or find another way for you to let go of the stress.
In addition, sleep is important and the number of hours varies from person to person. However, in general, is between 6 and 8 hours of sleep a day the most common. Much less and much more, also possible to provide an excess of organ fat on.


The realization that you may have too much belly fat is the first step. After that it no stranger steps you should take to get rid of it, but you must do it and persevere. Planning is one thing, but do really go to work.