Sex education, which parents need to know

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Most parents find sexual education of their adolescent children a tricky business. Often procrastination. However, the sexual stimuli from the outside have become so enormous that bizarre danger that growing children to think superficially about having sexual contacts. Teenage pregnancies rising alarmingly in recent years. When you begin as a parent with sexual education at home? How do you do it? An overview:

Central role of parents

The parents both have a central role in the sexual education of their children. This is a topic that you as a parent can not be left to others.

Children should get a good sexual education

Parents generally find it very important, even though they might feel a little uncomfortable, to give their children a good sex education. Talking to them about all aspects of sexuality.

What is good for the child?

It is better for the child that his first sexual lessons and information was given by his parents than to hear the child at school in biology lessons about the existence sexuality. Or that the child via a boyfriend must know what sex is. Or on TV can see what sex is. Or a sexually suggestive text message on a mobile. Or find a sex banner on the internet.

Shame on the parents

Parents can themselves during their early years have received insufficient education in the field of sex education. Some parents might even have had a very strict upbringing. Some parents may fear that by merely discuss and talk about sexual matters it would encourage the children to correct sexual behavior. However, realize that the children of today presented huge sexual receive external stimuli, especially in a country like the Netherlands. Children should get a good and proper sexual education.

Overwhelming sexual stimuli from the outside, what does that with the kids?

The external sexual stimuli are enormous! As adults, we can relativize that children can not. Realize that the primary school children get plenty of information about sex via the internet through the TV, via SMS and also through their friends! The danger is that growing children very superficial to think about sexual contacts.

Education: respect for your body, for yourself and for others

It is therefore important to teach the children respect. Respect for their own bodies, respect for the body of the other, respect for themselves and respect for others. Sexual contacts have no surface activity.

Never discuss sexual issues in a sneaky and mysterious atmosphere with the kids

For many parents, sex education remains a daunting task. Realize, however, that there really secrets may exist on various sexual topics. Not everything needs to be discussed immediately "openly". However, it is extremely important that sexual matters are not discussed in a sneaky and mysterious atmosphere with the kids! Children feel immediately that something is being hidden from them.


During the elementary school years, the children discover all that sex is something mysterious!

Talking about sex with your kids

The younger you start as a parent talking in a harmonious atmosphere about sex with your children, the easier it will be later on when they are almost teenagers, in all honesty and openness to speak to them about all facets of their sexuality. If they're in elementary school you can quietly, step by step, begin to build a relationship of trust with your children about sex education. Every time they grow spiritually, as a parent you can go one step further with sex education. Listening is just as important as giving information. Listen to what your child has to say or ask.

No stress, no strain, take your time!

Very important advice for parents, before the conversation begins with your children about sexual topics that you do not experience stress yourself, do not stress. Today, if you've had quite a stressful day at the office and you're actually still pretty blown away, it does not recommend worthy to start a conversation about sex in a conflict with your children. Calm down first, relax!

Sex education at school

From their fourteenth year, the majority of children or young people receive sex education at school. Most children find the classes gaunt. A enekeling even get no education at school. Find out if being a parent or the school where your child is doing on sex education and if so, at what level. Realize when older children or youths of fourteen may be already sexually active, good information before they become sexually active is necessary!

Safe sex

Besides the children to bring respect for their own bodies and those of others, it is important that the children know what safe sex precise content and means. It will increase their awareness so that they can act independently and effectively and reduce teenage pregnancies. Even at the risk of sexually transmitted infections and contracting a venereal disease and / or become infected with the HIV virus is very important - in their own interest! - They know what it is and how to avoid it it: by always practicing safe sex!