Share your internet

Electronic InsomniacOvrLrd August 8, 2016 0 0
In the context of the economic crisis, it is increasingly a sport to share the Internet with people in the area. Especially if you live in a flat, it is relatively easy to share your Internet connection with your neighbors.

Share the network

The moment an ADSL connection is connected to a hub or a switch can connect multiple computers to the Internet. The moment one lives in a house with several people or an apartment it is very easy to connect cables to the hub or switch. For this, we have seen many examples. The cables go through the balcony on the wall or just under the door. In this way, one can easily connect to a single Internet connection all four computers. This is a very simple installation and Internet costs can be reduced simply by this installation.

A wireless network

If one has access to a wireless network is much easier to share the Internet connection. The big advantage of a wireless network is having to use cables for connection to the network. By using a wireless hub or router, people can easily use the Internet.
The wireless hub or router sending signals to be received by another computer using a special adapter. Many modern computers and laptops are now equipped with this type of adapters.
Basically, anyone can make use of the wireless network that they make available. However, with the help of the security which is provided in a router or a hub, it is relatively easy to set up the access rights to the internet.
The range of a wireless network is approximately 30 meters. However, the range of a wireless network, for example, does depend on the number of walls and doors. For a number of wireless hubs and routers are also now purchase accessories that can significantly extend the range of the wireless network.


Still, there are some drawbacks. At the time that one of your fellow users are going to download a lot or heavy Internet applications will use the chance that also includes your Internet become considerably slower.
Also, people who sit further away from the network experienced a slower connection.