Sidaction 2013: three days of mobilization

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Sidaction 2013: three days of mobilization

In 2012, Sidaction had collected four million. This year, the media are mobilized again for research against AIDS.

Sidaction is launched, it left for 72 hours mobilization on 20 TV stations and radios for "do not cry victory too soon." This 2013 edition will end Sunday, April 7.

Contaminations up in over 50 years

Today, 34 million people continue to live with HIV in the world. In France, 15 000 to 30 000 people are living with HIV without knowing it, while 6100 people have learned their HIV status in 2011, according to data from the Health Watch Institute.

This year, the association, founded in 1994, wants to draw public attention to the contamination of more than 50 years. Sidaction organizers estimate that they account for 18% of new contamination discovered. Single, divorced, separated, their fifties were more likely to feel safe.

A évlaution of HIV self-testing is in progress

Since the discovery of the AIDS virus, progress has been made, particularly in the screening. Recently, the National AIDS Council has voted in favor of the commercialization of the HIV / AIDS screening self-tests.

The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, has announced this Friday, April 5, she "continues the evaluation process regarding the provision of HIV self-tests on the French market." Banned in Europe, the United States allow a blood test since 1996 and since 2012 a saliva test.

Regarding treatment, research advances and conducts many studies to develop new therapeutic strategies.

Marisol Touraine recalls "the special attention that we must continue to bring HIV testing and prevention of contamination, despite therapeutic progress made since several years."

That donations become?

Pledges can be made by phone, SMS and mail.

The funds will be paid half in research and care and prevention programs and support to patients, in France and in 29 developing countries. The 2012 edition had collected four million euros.