Sights and sleep in Bodegraven

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The village Bodegraven is near Alphen aan den Rijn, Leiden, Woerden, Zoeterwoude and Reeuwijk. It is easily accessible by car via the N11, which runs from Leiden to Bodegraven, and on the bike through the surrounding villages. Major attractions of Bodegraven, the Mill Arkduif, the cheese museum and fort Wierickerschans. Where to find these attractions? What will you learn all the cheese museum? Where to stay in Bodegraven?


Bodegraven is a town in the province of South Holland. For 2011, the village formed his own church, but after 2011 it merged with, among other Reeuwijk to municipality Bodegraven-Reeuwijk. The village is located in the Green Heart of the Netherlands and is therefore very popular with people who like to explore the country by bicycle. It is located near nature, the Reeuwijk Lakes and the Meije. In 2015 just under 20,000 people live in the village and which is best known for the cheese production. Anno 2015 runs much of the exports of cheese continues through Bodegraven.

The mill Arkduif

This mill in Bodegraven was built in 1697 and was appointed in 1970 as a national monument. The mill was in 2015 in the possession of the Foundation Arkduif. The foundation has come into the possession of the Arkduif mill in 2004 and has been refurbished completely. The result? Since 2010 the mill running again ls always, there is a thriving restaurant and a brewery built at the mill. Be the mill itself inside and come out look in Bodegraven. Because the mill in 2015 runs on two millers, who are not always, it is best to contact the foundation if you want to visit the mill, there want to buy flour, or want to learn more about the miller profession. Foundation Arkduif can be contacted via the email address info cheese museum Bodegraven Here you can see old materials with which they made previously cheese. You can see the process from milk to cheese. Will be screened in the museum video films about making cheese and butter. Besides the permanent exhibition are held in the museum temporary exhibitions. You will also learn why the village Bodegraven is so important for the cheese product and how it is that so ?? s small village has become so darn important for a large part of exports of cheese from our country.
  • Kaasmuseum Bodegraven
  • Julianastraat 4
  • 2411CV Bodegraven

Opening in 2015
  • Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00
  • On weekdays by appointment
  • Phone: 0172 650909

Admission fees 2015
  • Children t / m 4 years have free admission
  • Children from 5/12 years ?? 1.50
  • Adults ?? 3.50


The Wierickerschans was built in 1673, commissioned by William III. When the fort lost its strategic value was in 1747 decided to make a gunpowder warehouse. Because the building is far enough away from the residential areas it was considered safe. From 1870 to 1915, the fort was mainly used as a Central Depot. The Central Depot was there to provide the mobilized soldiers. After it is used as an internment camp it was after World War II used to do inspections of ammunition. From January 1, the fort is owned by the Forestry Commission. In the fort you can celebrate a birthday, wedding or other celebration. If you want to visit the fort is an outing for young and old.
  • Wierickerschans
  • Zuideinde 132
  • 2411 RX Bodegraven

Contact and information
  • Westhavenkade 39
  • 3131AD Vlaardingen
  • Phone: 010 4602640

Opening hours
For the current opening hours please contact the above number or website

Sleep in Bodegraven

In the small village Bodegraven is one big hotel there, the Tulip Inn Bodegraven. This three-star hotel in the polder, in between Utrecht and Rotterdam. If you spend a night in this hotel, you have time to explore the sights of Bodegraven, the thrift shops of the village, and to taste the atmosphere of the polder. In addition, the recreation, the Reeuwijk Lakes is located nearby. The hotel recommends to rent bikes to explore the area. The hotel has 64 rooms and is located on the Goudseweg 32 in Bodegraven.